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A Black Widow Miracle : Kids DO Hear The Voice Of God!

A family praise report about Oliver to give glory to God and encourage you!

Oliver is our little adventurer and was playing outside alone. (He’s earned our trust by honoring boundaries, so we’ve slowly added more autonomy in this area)

After a while of playing alone he came to me and said “Mama. There’s a cool red spider in that bucket. I was going to bring it to you but my brain told me not to touch it. I think it’s a black widow we learned about.”

I swiftly went over and it was a black widow 😳. The color. The shape. The web pattern. I instantly killed it (with a lot of IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU WILL NOT HARM MY FAMILY. When you battle in the spirit a lot, it felt good to squish something physical 😂)

Then we talked about how that wasn’t his brain that was the Holy Spirit! And how PROUD I was of him for pausing to listen.

This was also cool because I ended up flipping homeschooling weeks last min so we did bug week early. It was a brief lesson, but we did see a Black Widow in a book, and I have a feeling Holy Spirit equipped him specifically.

So just a pause, as a Mama to say thank you Holy Spirit for speaking and protecting our Oliver! 😭🙌🏻 That ending could have been much different if he would have tried to grab it and bring it to me like he wanted (and has done many times with spiders before).

We have tried to give Oliver confidence and language since the womb that He does hear the voice of God! What assurance to know that our children are taught by the Lord. Even when we are not there, He is. That is why we must continue to train them to listen! Have courage! Do not grow weary, sweet grandma, parent, uncle, sister… God does speak and we want to be quick to listen and obey.

Grateful for His Small Whisper and Strong Arm,


Don’t forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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