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A Challenge to Combat Entitlement

At the end of last year I listened to "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World" by Kristen Welch on audible and it was wonderful! Lots of practical points and things to ponder on.

One thing she mentioned was "Rice and Beans Mondays". In her home every Monday dinner was rice and beans. It reminded the kids that 2/3 of the world eats this way and in many places fruit, vegetables and meats are a luxury. It's also a great "picky practice" in learning to be adaptable. If they learn to like rice and beans they will be able to eat around the world.

As I heard this I knew I wanted to incorporate this in our family culture.

It's such a simple and great way to squash the entitlement of our brain and stomach that tells us we need variety, what we are "craving", or our favorites all the time. We can practice being grateful. We can also practice being grateful without complaining. Key word, practice. It takes time. For all of us. But a worthy task to work towards!

I have world map placements that I've added in to this weekly practice and it's a great conversation piece to look at the countries together. Then we each pick one country from our map and pray for at the end of our meal.

It's still early in the year, but so far we have really enjoyed this simple practice to keep the world in our heart.

In His Joy,


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I love this so much❤️

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