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A “Core Memory” Day

My little guy is three today.

As I look back at my pictures from this year, in gratitude to The Lord, I find many fond memories. We are so blessed!

But few days bring me more joy than this moment below. I call it a core memory day and watching it and reliving it has helped me greatly in my parenting journey over the past year.

I vividly remember being exhausted, wanting to turn on a show, knock out some laundry, make a cup of tea and call it a cozy afternoon in. But instead, I said “Let’s go play in the mud”. I do love to encourage outdoor play, but this moment seemed almost like a sacred nudge.

I am so happy I said yes. I do not regret the mess. I watched my little boy come alive in a new way that I can’t explain. Major core memory day.

If you don’t understand that reference it’s from the Pixar animated movie “Inside Out”. I recommend it for every parent to understand child brain development in a playful way.

A core memory is a moment that holds weight more than others. It is formative in the personality making.

It is a glimpse into their little hearts as they “come alive” to a part of them that God has created.

It‘s the sparks that leads to hobbies and niches, investments and decisions. It‘s the moments you carry in your heart for decades.

Can you go through your pictures/videos/mind and identify some core memory moments? It may add some simple happiness but also help you identify what to fight for in your parenting. It gives you a compass of what to make space for.

For me, this day represents a “Yes” motherhood philosophy I deeply fight for.

What core memories have happened for you this year? That may be a hint from heaven that you can follow for something bigger.

Grateful For Good Soap ;)


* Don’t forglet… The Cirkles are Cheering You On!


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