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A Getaway, A Milestone, The Galapagos, and more. #CirklesCheckIn #Spring23

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Hello April! Hello official spring! It's an exciting quarter ahead full of lots of friendship with Jesus, miracles in the making, and sunshiny days.

Here's a look back, and forward, into our world.


Learning: With any emotion in life if you wait and choose peace for 3 hours you can be much wiser and overcome just about anything. Time and peace are both great gifts.

Loving : Rangers baseball, extra time with Oliver and Eleanor, building community and getting to know new friends in the body of Christ and Believers World Outreach Church

Looking Forward To : Resurrection week and masters week at the same time, spring time, vacations later in the season that are still unfolding.


Learning : I'm learning that I'm growing more than I realize. I was explaining to a friend recently how sometimes things feel stagnant, but then a situation will pop up and the way you respond in 10 seconds will show months of growth. I'm proud of the woman of faith I'm choosing to be. My life may not be loud and flashy but it's grounded in faith and full of graditude. Jesus is my everything and I love His steady kindness and friendship in this season.

Loving : Ryan and I just got back from our quarterly getaway and I'm loving him more than ever. It was a fast 24 hours to the nearest big city, but I am always amazed what a few good kid-free meals, a hotel sleep, and some prayers and giggles can do for your soul. Yes, it's romantic, but also it's just fun to be with your best friend in those solo settings.

Looking Forward To: Easter weekend with our church family, releasing at least one sellable resource this quarter to be a blessing to families, more miracle reports, and open doors for ministry to pray and love on others. Our home is seeing an awakening and I'm eager to see it expand.


Learning : SO many homeschool units! The scribbled handwriting and doodles aren't impressive but the level of information this little guy and I covered the past 12 weeks is! We are giving year round school a go, which means we school for 3 months (12 weeks roughly) and then break a full month. April is our rest month and it works well, the weather is gorgeous and we take advantage of all the fun outings before that Texas Summer heat hits.

Loving : All things animals, golf with daddy, elaborate obstacle course building with sister, and Scikids Show and Bear Grylls.

Looking forward to : The Galapagos Island exhibit at the Houston Zoo. Oliver has been counting down the days for months and April is the grand opening!


Learning : Going potty! (And every parent sends confetti and compassion 😂). Every kid is different and Eleanor's journey has matched her determination.... we'll phrase it that way. 😉 But truly this is such a milestone and we are still perfecting the art but overall, I'm so proud of our girl!

Loving : All things baby dolls. Eleanor has become quite the little mommy and spends elaborate time taking care of all of her babies.

Looking Forward To : Going to the beach. We don't have an offfical time set yet, but Eleanor has been very clear that she wants to go have a picnic on the beach, so that is in the works to make happen.

Blessings to you over this spring season. May it be filled with miracle reports, deep devotion with the Lord, and lots of sunshine adventures.

Cheering You On,

The Cirkles


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