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A Knight-In-Training Party

This weekend we celebrated Oliver turning 4 with a medieval party, and it was a smashing success, if I do say so myself.

Here are a few things that made this party especially shine in victory to me: (in no particular order)

Oliver planned it all. Seriously. He wanted a say in every detail, building his menu, designing his cake, and creating the “knight games”. He spent his whole week collecting sticks to be built into swords, helping me think of every detail (such as armor for his friends) and practicing his knight skills. It was so special to do this project together.

My brother and sister-in-law who surprised us by coming in full handmade costumes! It absolutely thrilled Oliver and added a wisp of whimsy that took the day to the next level. Thank the Lord for cool and caring Uncles and Aunts! And a public thank you to Sir Windselot and Lady Ruby for adding the extra attention to make my little guy’s heart swell and eyes sparkle.

This Amazon decor Pack. I repurposed a lot to spread decor around the house. For $25 it gave us table decor, photo wall, living room fun. It came with a balloon garland kit but I ran out of energy. Click here for link.

Small invite list. This is so hard for us, we adore so many. But in knowing swords would be swinging and the size of our home I told Oliver he could invite family + one friend and his family. This added up to 10 adults and 4 kids which felt perfect.

Costume and Cake.

This Melissa and Doug costume is phenomenal quality. It really added to the play and pictures.

The cake was an HEB 10in chocolate that we customize with colors and sprinkles. We bought these knight toys as toppers which really added flare.

My mom gifted both to Oliver and it was truly a gift to both of us, mom and grandson. Thank you Grandma!

(*I love the idea of gifting a birthday cake! That may be a fun graduation for someone out there who is bogged down on toys)

Overall, it was such a special day! My Mama heart is full in watching so many love my boy as much as I do.

Oliver the Valor,

You are a man of justice.

You are a man of bravery.

May you always carry the courage, character, and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Happy birthday, my boy.


Duchess Daffodil😉

***Don’t forget… the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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