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A Mama Weekend Alone

A few months ago I asked Ryan on his thoughts of me going to an out-of-city motherhood conference. Not to escape exhaustion but to create space for enrichment. Being the best husband he is, he exclaimed “YES!!!!!” Then to my delight, he made it even better by booking my hotel a night early so I had a full day by myself before the conference started. What a gift! To make things better, Jesus wowed me every step of the way in ways only He could. Simply for fun, here’s a peek into my kid-free 48 hours.

I arrived and got upgraded to a suite! (not pictured). Living room, full kitchen, bedroom and giant bathtub all just for me!

I had the best slow morning full of brown sugar lattes, almond croissants, and cozy corners.

I got wowed by the Love of Jesus, sent this to my mom, and prayed for texts like this with Eleanor one day.

More calories, because…Nutella. More pages, because…. Solitude bliss.

Had a second digital prayer meeting with my dearest friend Oby in Nigeria. Do you have one of those friends you talk to twice a year but pick up right where you left off? What a gift. My tea pot is OVERFLOWING by now and I’m not even to the “start” of my conference.

Then with a tea cup packed in my bag, I head for a special tea with a ”digital mentor”.

The “tea time” ended up being much more personal than I thought. I was absolutely wowed that I was in a room with this caliber of women. All deeply passionate about the Lord and intentionally leaning into what’s best for their context of family. We giggled and admired and steeped motherhood wisdom deep into our souls. If you crave this, I’m happy to report, it does exist.

I was blessed beyond measure to spend so much time with this legend of a lady, and to honor the way she’s laid down her life for the Kingdom of God. Sally Clarkson is such a delight and is worth looking up if you are in a motherhood season.

And this was all BEFORE the epic Wild+Free conference! SO much inspiration and information.

I met some amazing new friends and had refreshing conversation over delicious food! All ending with the privledge to join Sally once again to record an upcoming podcast. You can listen here! I got to chime in at about the 16 min mark.

I was so refreshed, blessed, and encouraged. Two “take home notes” :

1.If you have any “off opportunity ” plan ahead! I believe a little thinking ahead of what type of rest you need will help you walk away exponentially more refreshed than if you just “wing it“ or see how you feel the day of. Some days being productive does help me have a peaceful exhale at night. Other times I need to stare at the sunset.

If you have a sliver of time use it wisely! (Especially you, Mama!)

  • Do you want to be productive and knock a house project out?

  • Do you want to be social and schedule some friend time?

  • Do you want to sit and stare at a tree?

  • Do you want to catch up on some new albums or podcasts?

2. Be quick to say hello and offer help.

Initiation is a powerful tool!

Just about every positive thing this weekend came from me simply saying “Hello” or “Thank You” or “I‘m happy help!”

  • Sweet friendships

  • Amazing opportunities

  • Money saving moments

  • Ways to serve and honor

all simply because I was the first one to reach out, smile, or speak first.

I pray you have a version of my weekend soon, even if it’s 48 mins instead of 48 hours.

In His Joy,


***Don‘t forget…the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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