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A Month Wiser, A Year Older. What I’ve Been Up To.


If you missed it, a month has passed since my last publish. A took a step aside to focus creative efforts elsewhere, and create I did!

Many late nights and early mornings but I’m so proud of the content that will hopefully bless you in the days to come. *More on that below.

I also have had tears (happy and sad), slow days, miracle days, sweet giggles, glorious delight with Ryan, and a birthday!

Five highlights from the month as we jump back into our Sunday routine together ❤️

  1. Zoo day with my mom! It was a great treat to have an experience together! And may I use this as a reminder, with Christmas coming up, experience like this is a wonderful grift option for kids, parents and grandparents!

2 Fall Dates with Ryan! We are a stickler for monthly dates. A fun addition to our October date was a good old Goodwill Game. We gave each other $5 to pick a mug out for the other. It was hysterical.

3 Birthday Fun! Life is such a gift and I was so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

4 Home Learning

Homeschooling has been the adventure of the season and we are having so much fun! We’re learning skills and songs, Bible stories and facts…what a joy! I’m creating weekly themed units for now to keep things fun and engaging. Below was bug week which was quite full of fun including a few visits from John the Baptist and his honey covered locust. ;)

  1. New Projects For November!

I have been busy working on THREE Digital Download Projects that I’m very excited about! I’m committed to keep Sundays as free content experiences so blog resources will remain steady! Wednesdays will be my day to launch any resources ready for purchase.

Make sure you’re on email list so you don’t miss a launch! I have a “festive” focus , “family” focus, and “faith” focus, so hopefully there is something for everyone. I’ve put a lot of heart into these projects so I appreciate the support of any and all kinds!

In between “all of the things” has been rich friendship moments with Jesus. He is so faithful. I love Him more today than yesterday. His eyes are captivating my attention and I never want to blink to break gaze. What a mighty God we serve!

In His Joy,


Don’t forget … The Cirkles are cheering you on! I’ll see you Wednesday for the first resource launch!



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