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Baby name announcement! Favorite recent splurge! Taekwondo milestone & more #CirklesCheckIn #Fall23

Although Texas weather has not gotten the memo, the calendar tells us it is officially fall.

Fall this year will come with many miracles, a giant one being our miracle girl being born!

Here's a look into the things we are learning, loving, and looking forward to.

Ryan :

Learning :

  • Practicing Spanish again

  • Follow Jesus as Great Shepherd

  • How to love my wife well in this season as we prepare for baby girl.


  • Getting to know my amazing growing children everyday

  • People in new ways

  • Cowboys football and Rangers playoff baseball

Looking forward to:

  • Baby girl's arrival and watching Abby flourish in mama mode in new ways with newborn season again.

  • Fall festival at our church

  • Continuing to love people in our ministry and church this semester


Learning :

There is always something to be grateful for and always something to grow in.

It's been a season of "little" for me and I'm seeing over and over when I pause to see the little, I feel His love in big ways.

Loving :

It's no secrect I am a prudent person. I will typically get the lowest priced option, or things that "get the job done".

But this cordless vacuum splurge has been DELIGHTFUL. (In full disclosure, Ryan made the splurge for us and I'm so grateful!) It's powerful, light, self cleaning, and totally changed the crumb game in our home.

Looking forward to:

  • More homeschool wonder

  • Baby Girl's arrival early November!

  • Cooler weather.... hopefully...surely?!


Learning :

  • Oliver is our information sponge! He wants data and he wants all of it. Facts, stats, hows and whys are our constant world now.

  • He also is learning the power of goals and the "hard" of doing new things. He recently earned his yellow belt at taekwondo and we are so proud of him and his disciplines of learning body self control.

Loving :

We are loving all things

  • Wild animals

  • Wild Kratts

  • Building machines and inventions with anything and everything in the house.

Looking forward to :

  • Meeting sister

  • Thanksgiving (We have prepped him that this year will look different, where as we will be protecting energy and immune systems with a days old newborn. But I'm praying that Jesus will still give Oliver a special day of food and family in a unique way.)

Eleanor :

Learning :

  • Out of our whole family clan, Eleanor has grown the most over summer! Major brain leaps, life skills, and personality boosts took place. She is all that I dream to be : fearless, decisive, assertive, and at the same time nurturing, empathetic, and "fancy".

Loving : Dolls, Gymnastics, and Moses.

  • Dolls have become quite the obsession. She will spend hours taking care of her babies, setting up little doll house furniture, and going on "errands" with her "precious little babies".

  • We are flipping, hanging, balancing, and twirling nonstop around here.

  • Everyday we want the story and every night we request the "Moses song". It's definitely a tug of the Lord so we continue to invest in prayer and time this spiritual drawing.

Looking forward to :

  • Meeting sister

  • Going to the zoo

  • The next time to eat. Don't let this petite princess fool you, she has an expansive and agreesive appetite and is an absolute joy to cook for. (To the moms with picky eaters, I have no tips and tricks for you. I take no credit on this, it's naturally embedded into her. I do offer sympathy, I know from friends what an exhausting battle picky eating can be ❤️)

Claire :

What a delight to call her by name! After much prayer and pondering we have decided on Claire Elise for our sweet miracle girl.

Claire Elise means "Clear and Pure Promise of God". This is already such a testimony of her life. Every time we look at her we know we will see a clear picture of the faithfulness of God's promise to us.

We also have been given Matthew 5:8 time and time again: "Blessed are the pure for they shall see God" and we believe this promise will be a banner anthem over her life.

She is healthy and growing! Kicking and squirming, mostly all night long. I'm already praying for her days and nights to be established well, but there is not one complaint from my mouth. What a surreal privilege to feel life within my womb.

I am not sure what the fall will look like for the blog, so thank you in advance for your patience as we prepare and grow into our new family of five norm.

Blessings on your fall! May you find rich friendship with Jesus and all the fall delights you desire!



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