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My favorite purchase; Oliver's new obsession; A family beloved book; and more! #Winter22 #CheckIn

Winter officially starts this week and in Texas, that appears to be quite a literal statement with a freeze blowing our way.

Here’s a look into our world into some things we are learning, loving, and looking forward to. I’ve also added in a “Gold Star” section. We love to cheer on others, but here’s a chance for you to cheer alongside us in some personal areas.

A fancy date night celebrating 6 years of marriage!


Gold Stars: Ryan completed another class of Texas Bible Institute Students and we couldn’t be prouder of them or him!

Learning: The last three years has been me learning to slow down and be present, not avoiding the now. Lately, however, I’ve been reminded of the assertive intentionality that can put us in position to be present. Get ahead, set your values in your schedule, then sit back and enjoy the ride.


  • Cowboys football, until today (12/18). Go ahead, world. Laugh all you want.

  • I’ve loved consistent, heart conversations with other men in my life. I think we could all use a lot more of those.

  • Slowing down and breathing.

  • Knowing that Jesus is with me in all things and all moments. What an assurance.

  • Laughing with my family. Abby and the kids are so silly. Mainly her. She’s realllllly funny.

  • I just started wearing a turtleneck 2 days ago. It’s my first one since grade school, but I can tell I’m going to dig it.

Looking Forward To:

2023 is so exciting, even though I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I can tell that God is speaking to our family and positioning us for new growth, sweet moments and rich friendships along the way. We’ll keep you posted on praise reports!

Christmas with family, Oliver turning 4, and some travel are on my radar as well!

I was spoiled on my birthday with so much love! What a blessed woman I am!


Gold Stars: I am so proud of my push to put out my first digital product. I am ONE sale away from my goal which is amazing to be so close! (If you want to be the hero that helps me cross to my goal, and honestly would find this content helpful for your context, click here for purchase.) It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. And I’m SO grateful for every person who has purchased and encouraged me. Truly, it means the world.

Learning : I’m learning that “Something is better than nothing.”

  • I’d love a weekly meet up with other mom friends around coffee and tea cakes. But instead of waiting “until that happens” a monthly FaceTime with a friend does the job for now.

  • I’d love clear organization bins for every closet in my home. But instead of “putting it off until”…l can declutter and use old boxes and bins.

  • I’d love to take my kids on airplanes around the world to absorb culture…but YouTube has some pretty cool immersive experiences until we can do ourselves.

  • I’d love to celebrate an answered prayer in one area, but in the waiting, I can be grateful for the opportunity to have joy in the waiting.

I’m learning that there is rarely a “right time” but always a “right way”. For me, I’ve found to start somewhere imperfectly is better than waiting for perfection one day. His ways, the walk of faith, lead to joy.

“The ways of the Lord are right, bringing joy to our hearts.” Psalm 19:8

Loving :

  • I can not get enough of Twinings Winter Spice Tea. It’s caffeine-free which makes it perfect for an evening cup looking at the twinkly Christmas lights.

  • Folox fabric cleaner takes our every stain I’ve ever had. It even took out a giant ink stain on my fabric living room chair.

  • I got these slippers for my birthday and haven’t taken them off since. As a stay-at-home mom this is my favorite purchase of the year.

  • Joel Clarkson’s playlists. On Spotify there are multiple instrumental playlists that have really added peace and depth to our home.

Looking Forward To: Miracle moments for our family! We are contending in a few specific areas and I know we will see miracles in them all! Faithful He has been and Faithful He will be. Thank you for praying with us as we watch Him provide in a EPH 3:20 ways!

“Look Mama! A real Oliver tree!”


Gold Stars: I am so proud of Oliver completing his first semester stretch of homeschool! 13 weeks of new skills and hard work. He did great and we are excited about more starting in January.

Learning : Oliver is working hard to write his first, middle, and last name independently. This has been a definite Oliver-led goal. He has Oliver down in spelling and writing solo, but some of those other letters are pretty tricky.


  • Oliver's current obsession is all things medieval! Knights, castles, Robin Hood, Vikings, bows and arrows.

  • “Gardener Gus” Story podcast on Spotify

  • Highlight’s magazine! This has been an ongoing love but worth mentioning again. It’s a great magazine for littles!

Looking Forward To: Four year old birthday! Castles and Knights has been the request, so look forward to some more medieval content in January.

“Little Clara” has been twirling all season and we love it.


Gold Stars:Eleanor has been so resilient the past few weeks in her body. It seems every few weeks over the past 3 months her sweet body got hit with a different virus or ailment and in all of her healing she was brave and strong. We are thanking Jesus for strong immune systems and healthy bodies all around.

Learning : Eleanor is learning how cook with Mama! She is quite the helper and has become very good at pouring and mixing independently. We are just working on not munching all the ingredients as we work 😂

Loving :

  • Ballet twirls, lining up toys, all things jewelry and accessories

  • The book “Corduroy” the bear every single night. (Which is a family favorite across the board)

  • This simple horse trailer has given Eleanor hours of play as she transports all sorts of toys all around our home.

Looking Forward To : The next chance to go outside or take a bubble bath. I love how she knows how to play hard and pamper well.

We are full of gratitude as we close one season and begin a new. Thank you for supporting our family with love and encouragement. The best is yet to come!

May You See His Light,


*** Dont forget… the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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