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Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions

If you’ve been here for any amount of time you know we like to have some fun in our home. With a background in children’s ministry, our “home play” tends to get a little “creative“

Last year, on a whim I led Oliver on ”The Shepherd Search”. We tied some blankets on our head with string, grabbed a toy mop and went searching around the house telling ”Baby Jesus?!”. We ended our search singing happy birthday to a very poorly drawn nativity scene in our art easel.

This year Eleanor joined ”The Shepherd Search”. This will be a new tradition for our home. Costumes will last until they boycot, and Jesus (aka a drawing of a nativity scene) will be hidden harder and harder like a scavenger hunt each year as they age.

This year we decided to do a live nativity scene production, complete with costumes, stuffed animals, and giggles. I was really trying to follow Oliver’s gusto as he wanted to “act it ALL out“ but….. well we’ll practice a few more times 😂. I get mom points for going for it, right?

Enjoy take one. Perhaps take two will be more complete in plot in a few days. But let this give you hope of going for the fun no matter what.

Maybe next year the wise men will make their appearance, and we’ll get our plot order correct, but the main thing as Eleanor shows us in the last two seconds, while grabbing Baby Jesus and saying “Beezus!“, keep the main thing the main thing. Putting focus on Jesus is what matters. Small seeds grow into big trees; start small, start silly, and traditions around Christ will be remembered.

In His Joy,



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