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Christmas Glory

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! I pray you have had a day filled with sacred smiles thinking of the goodness of God.

I’ll share a few thoughts and then a few captures from this holiday weekend that was SO very special.

First up : Let’s talk about the glory of Emmanuel.

Emmanuel. God with us.

He really did it.

He really stepped into skin.

He really humbled himself as a helpless infant.

He really broke the silence and crossed the boundaries of heaven. For the sake of Love.

In a world obsessed with Christmas magic, may we be the ones, like the shepherds and kings, obsessed with Christmas glory.

Let’s be the ones who look for Him.

  • Let’s be the ones who look for His goodness when things seem dark.

  • The ones who believe when others don’t.

  • The ones who stop to see that without Him we have nothing but void and vanity.

This morning, I woke up at 4:30am. Whereas I am a morning person, this is a bit extreme even on my levels. Instead of rolling over, I excitedly got up. It was a supernatural thing. A tug to “come and gaze”. As I did, I felt His nearness.

I couldn’t stop thinking of that first birthday. (No matter of the historically accurate date, there was a first birthday). I couldn’t stop pondering the exhale of heaven when that first cry came from Jesus. This was IT. The silence was broken. The messiah had come. In skin! Talk about taking a job “below His pay grade”. This was humility of all humility. To step down as a human, and even more a helpless baby.

And then at 5:05am I was awakened by a little beauty beaconing for my attention. And for just a moment, in the hush of a few earthy minutes, I felt a sacred smile from heaven. As if the Lord of Lords, was thanking me for my finite moments of attention.

Attention. What a gift. It’s given to the ones and things you love.

So again, I say, may we look upon His glory today and every other.

Another form of Christmas glory is found in the moments that give us glimpses of His goodness. For me this weekend it was family.

My daughter, sister, aunt heart is FULL!!!

What a delight to have time together!

  • Pappiaitos with the parents

  • Hot chocolate and Christmas lights

  • Two nights with my brother and sister-in-law

  • Christmas cookies and Shepherds Sabbath Meal

  • Christmas Eve all together

  • Lots of slow moments at our home Christmas morning savoring gifts and time together.

It has been delightful and I am SO grateful!

Blessings on your last week of the year.

Until the New Year,


***Don't forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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