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Cirkles Check-In #Fall19

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Even if our Texas weather doesn't realize it, tomorrow is the official first day of fall! In honor of the season change we thought we'd let you in on a few things we are learning and loving in this season.


Faith Lesson :

  • Jesus isn't moved by our questions, emotions, or attitudes. He always victorious, always steady, and always on the right side.

Life Lesson :

  • Instead of putting things off, just do it. Life is much better lived than avoided and experienced than escaped. Invest your time in people and if you want to learn something, go for it. Text old friends, cuddle with your spouse, play with your baby, call your family more often...maybe this is just for me.

Favorite Items :

  • H&M Basic Jeans that go with everything & these Reebok Classics that are helping me live all my 90s dad dreams.

Entertainment Being Enjoyed :

  • Here's what happened... I just finished all eight seasons of Monk.

What are you looking forward to most about Fall? :

  • One of the perks of my job is getting to invest in legends each year. Our bible school just welcomed a new class, along with some returning leaders, and I'm so proud to watch them grow and thirst for Jesus. Other big deals: more dates with Abigail, giggles with Oliver, Cowboys football and my 2nd Disney World trip to celebrate my sister, Hannah, on her 30th birthday!


Faith Lesson :

  • Jesus is reminding me in this season that He is my Good Shepherd! He leads me well! This message really encouraged me and I've been continually asking myself the question ,"Is this the Good Shepherd or myself leading me?" for every step.

Life Lesson :

  • A small load of laundry every day works better for me than doing a big "Laundry Day" once a week. I know that seems simple but it's amazing how one solution can click everything into place in creating peace.

Favorite Items:

  • I'm an Earl Grey gal personally, but this Bigalow Vanilla Chai is claiming it's territory in my morning mug and quickly becoming my new fall favorite. (I add a splash of almond milk to it).

  • Also, this Conair handheld steamer is just too good. I've had it for a while but with my mornings now full with motherhood, I've been extra grateful for it these days. It's way easier, faster, and better for your clothes than ironing. I recommend it for all ages but especially you young adults who are figuring out this "adulting" thing. This makes you instantly look more put together and is a great item to have when you don't have a lot of space, such as a dorm or apartment.

Entertainment Being Enjoyed :

  • I just rediscovered "I Love Lucy" on Amazon prime and I forgot how funny that show is! (Ryan here. I'm totally enjoying it, too, and it's one of the only things that literally makes us LOL)

What are you looking forward to most about Fall? :

  • Fall is my favorite season of the year all around. I am extra excited to teach one of my favorite courses this semester at our bible school as well as being a part of lots of new launches at our home church. Is it childish to say I’m also really excited about my birthday? Because I'm definitly looking foward to my birthday. Not only is it my first birthday as a mom but we'll also be at Disney so that's an extra plus.

Oliver: Since Oliver can't answer for himself yet, we'll let this gallery fill you in on his world. (We say he can't answer as he talks to himself in the mirror for the last 10 minutes. He cannot, yet, type in English, nor dictate to us in English. That was what we meant). He's 8 months and so much fun!

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