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Cirkles Check-In #Fall20

A very exciting season it is for our family! A different format than most Check-Ins, but here's a roundup of how we are doing. Firstly... we are a family of FOUR! Going on a little over 2 weeks of our Sunshine Girl being added to the clan and we are all smitten. The day we found out she was a girl, I was on a walk with Oliver and wrote a little song, that we used for our gender announcement. One line was "Though we haven't met, just yet, we want you to know, your're the perfect fit. In our world, you are the girl, who we love." It couldn't be truer. Eleanor truly is our petite perfect little puzzle piece that fits so perfectly in our hearts and world.

So here’s a few things about each of us.


  1. God is reminding me that the main thing is still the main thing. His word is truth and there are still people all over the work who are choosing It as their only authority. This has been clear as we’ve started Texas Bible Institute online. Shoutout to TBI students for trusting Jesus.

Haircut and hotdogs for this "Dad-urday" Adventure (aka Dad takes Oliver on a Saturday for a special adventure).

2. I’m enjoying Ollie time, Nora grunts, and Dallas Stars Hockey. No matter how the Stanley Cup finishes this week it’s been so fun to see this amazing team play.

We've missed "in-person" church this season, but have been SO grateful for online service. We are most commited than ever to get our family involved in our local Body..

3. I’m looking forward to the chill of Fall, closer conversations, and praying for my friends more in coming months.

Ryan is next level "mush" over his Dainty Darling.


1. Hebrews 13:20-21 has been my day and night meditation.

Now may the God of peace

who brought up from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep,

and ratified an eternal covenant with his blood—may he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ,

every good thing that is pleasing to him.

All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.”

I could unpack this deeply, but for the sake of brevity I’ll just say that I’m amazed more than ever in the EQUIPPING of Christ. In every season there is a fresh equipping and it makes things so sweet. If things feel hard or new, or dull and boring ASK HIM FOR FRESH EQUIPPING.

[Ex: Do you think it’s pleasing to Him and His plans for me to be an overwhelmed, exhausted, grumpy mother and wife? No, I don’t either. My perfect Shepherd prepared and led me to this season. It’s not an accident or detour that I’m here. So I thank Him daily for equipping me so that I may do this season pleasing to Him (the equipping isn’t to do the season perfect... it’s to do it pleasing to Him). So He gives me peace, He reminds me to choose joy, He tells me voices on social media to mute that aren’t giving me a Biblical view of motherhood. He gives me patience to slow down and enjoy the newborn now (where a productive day looks like brushing your teeth and tending The needs of a soul). He multiples my sleep and energy. This is my context, but the same truth applies to you.

Messy buns and bows, everyday all day.

2. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice “the floral robe” (also pictured above). I’ve lived it in for the past 6 weeks and will continue to for the weeks to come. It’s thick but not hot. The belt is sewn on. The sleeves are 3/4 so you don’t have to constantly roll them up when doing dishes or changing diapers. It’s super soft and instantly makes me feel more put together than I really am. 10/10. (Well maybe 9.9/10... there’s no pockets. But still a major win.) *My robe linked here.

Tickling toes is our favorite way to play with sister.

3. I’m so looking forward to this fall season. Adjusting to two, my 30th birthday, getting vision and direction for 2021. Fall is my absolute favorite and I have a holy assurance that The Body of Christ is about to see the beauty of Jesus and His body in new ways this fall.

I've missed my little buddy, but I'm learning a little bit of full attention goes a long way.

Oliver:[20 months]

1. Automobile everything. Does it have wheels? Does it drive? Does it move? We LOVE it. Tractors, cars, trains, airplanes, and our newest excitement... riding lawn mowers.

A big red truck at Grandma's was the BEST surprise ever. (*Truck info blurred for privacy)

2. New Outings. We've been busy this season with a few new fun outings. Our first dentist appointment went well, we got a stylish haircut, AND our first trip to the library! (This friendly boy has really missed friends, so we are so grateful we are now at a place where Dad and Oliver can get out a little bit more.

Big boy at the dentist! He did great and now LOVES to brush his teeth, which was a complete turn around from prior to his appointment.

Who is this handsome toddler and where is my baby boy?!

Daddy took us to the library for the first time. He also signed up Oliver and Eleanor for "1,000 books before kindergarden" program.

3. Oliver seem to be doing well with the transition of sister. He's getting lots of extra attention with Grandma play-dates and special outings with Dad, but you can tell he is missing mom (the feeling is mutual!) Going from just Oliver and me 24/7 to not seeing him much is a big jolt. Taking care of Eleanor these first few weeks just takes a lot of hands on, and with my c-section recovery, I have to guard myself (and my incision) a bit more from my bouncy toddler. We've been carving in special time for books and "Little Bear" and special snacks while sister is sleeping.

***Sweet moment : Eleanor and I try to come down for at least one meal a day at the table. Oliver is contained in his high chair, Eleanor can go in the bouncer, and it's a great time for eye contact and conversation. Well Oliver caught onto this pattern and started running to his high chair multiple times a day saying, "Food? Mama?" when it wasn't close to a meal time, because he wanted to see me. My sweet boy :)

Ryan got the call from me, "They're sending me L&D and you have 2 hours to get here." Grandma dropped what she was doing to get Oliver for us so Ryan could make it to the hospital in time. Right before going into surgery we got this text. Sweet, faith-filled brother "cheesing" and praying! The best!

*** From our latest meal. He wanted to go play but I was saying, "Please stay with me at the table" with a silly face and he was loving it. Love our little joy boy.

Eleanor [2 weeks ]

1. She's gorgeous. Our petite perfect porcelain doll is honestly getting cuter each day.

My current favorite outfit, thanks to Aunt Hannah.

2. She's eating AMAZING! She latched right away and my supply has been keeping up! Breastfeeding has been night and day different this go-around in the best way. She's already gained one pound and grown one inch since we left the hospital!

And just like that, we're in the backseat feeding season again.

3. She's sleeping really well. First week was just recover and survive, but by week two I started implementing some rhythms and routines. (Babies are SMART. They pick up on sleepy cues like music, swaddles, and scents really fast). She gives me one 4 hour sleep stretch each night and then wakes up about every 3 hours the rest of the day.

A smirking sleeping beauty... have you seen anything sweeter? ***Safety note : All blankets and bows are removed for actual sleep after the cute, unpractical picture is taken. :)

One big take away from this past season and moving into Fall... Ryan and I have a new appreciation for family and community. From praying us through a miracle delivery, a community loading us up with food, and grandparents who dropped what they were doing to come help; we are so very blessed. We've been showered with kindness from so many, and to each one of you we say THANK YOU! We have felt the strength of community. Praying for each of you as you venture into the official "Fall of 2020"! Enjoying the Now, The Cirkles ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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Wonderful update Abby! Really great news and info. Keep it up!!! Am so inspired and happy for ya'll.

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