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Cirkles Check-In #Spring20

Happy Spring everyone! For those of you reading this in the future, this is a very interesting dawn of spring we are having in 2020, whereas most of the nations are finding themselves in self (or in some cases mandated) quarantine to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Although an interesting time in season, and for our family, we still have so much to be grateful for.

Here's what we are learning and loving this season. ***The biggest life update is we are pregnant again. We are so excited about the blessing on the way.


Faith Lesson

  • If we are willing to go for personal revival we will see revival in our culture and community. Revival is really just a culmination of a lot of personal revival.

Life Lesson

  • I'm learning to hit emotions of pain discomfort and difficulty head on. Don’t procrastinate or ignore. I'm learning to be open and honest to yourself and Jesus and the ones you love actually brings clarity and healing much faster than avoiding the issue.

Things Being Enjoyed

  • My sweet pregnant wife.

  • Talks with my sweet pregnant wife.

  • Extra time laughing with my son Oliver.

  • Seeing Oliver's amazing breakthroughs every day.

  • Being present for things that are exciting and not exciting.

  • Seeing TBI students grow.

  • Serving with my BWOC family.

  • Joseph A Bank Pique long sleeve travel trousers.

  • Definitely not enjoying playing golf. (Said in a sad and sarcastic tone)

Media Being Enjoyed

  • "Bigger Pockets" podcast

  • The Cosby Show

  • Re-watching some Psych

  • Slowly catching up to Mavericks City Music

  • Sean and Arie Vanderveer's daily “Brick Wall Chats”. [@seanvanderveer]

  • A lot of sports in my dreams.

What are you looking forward to most about Spring?

  • Oliver walking more

  • More close talks with my wife

  • More intentional times with friends

  • COVID19 being obliterated

  • Eventually the beginning of major league baseball.


Faith Lessons

  • Sabbath : The Lord has been taking me on a journey of discovering Sabbath, and what that looks like practically and spiritually for a New Testament Believer. It's been an ongoing conversation and place of pondering, but hopefully I hope to capture it in word capsules for a future blog.

  • Worship : I have had a much need resurgence of worship in my heart! I've been reminded by Holy Spirit how starting my day with a song of praise or worship really changes the culture of my day and our home.

Life Lessons

  • Don't do things during nap time that can be done outside of nap time. Folding laundry, doing dishes, answering emails. All of that is much faster when Oliver is sleeping, but I'm learning to reserve nap time for things like sitting with a cup of tea, having a facetime meeting with a coworker that requires focus, and taking a nap myself (hello pregnancy) is must wiser of an investment with my precious nap time.

  • Grocery Store drive up services are wonderful.

Things Being Enjoyed

  • Evening talks with Ryan. He's been so intentional in 2020 with talking about our day and praying together and it's grown so much intamacy in our relationship.

  • Oliver's BIG personality. He is blossoming in every-way and I feel like I'm in the golden age of motherhood.

  • Protein waffles. This pregnancy has not been kind to my appetite. Nothing sounds good... especially meat. So I've been grateful for these protein waffles to get some type of substance.

Media Being Enjoyed

  • The Cosby Show. Ryan's so kind to let me watch one retro show per season (Ha!) I just love how clean and short shows use to be.

  • I'll count songs in this category. These have been my three new favorites this season: Communion, Open the Scroll, The Blessing

What are you looking forward to most about Spring?

  • Gender Reveal!

  • Pending Travel : Things are a bit up in the air but I'm hoping our two travel trips still happen. Late April/Early May we have a family trip to Israel planed, as well as a Birthday trip to Boston with just Ryan and I. I turn 30 in November, but with having a newborn then, and planning around our busy summer, May seems to be the only time to take a birthday trip.

  • Reading again. I know for a fact it refreshes me deeply, so I'm making it a priority this season.

  • Intentional time with friends in our home. Although we've missed gathering in our church building, gathering to worship in our home with friends has been a nice suprise.


  • Turned one!

  • Vocab boom!

  • First steps!

  • Lots of head bonks. :(

  • Bye bye bottles. Hello BIG appetite.

  • Big brother practice.

We are so grateful for another season to trust and love Jesus. Praying everyone's Spring is full of extra grace and peace. In His Joy, The Cirkles ***Remember, we are cheering you on!


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