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Coffee Challenge #CouplesEdition

Attention couples: I’m challenging you this week to go for a : “2 for 2 Coffee Date Challenge". It can be anywhere and anytime you'd like, but the challenge is for 2 cups of coffee (or beverage of choice) and 2 hours to talk.

Whether at a local coffee shop or in your living room after the kids are asleep, I’m challenging couples to practice spending time together. Here's why... because it's about to be "Holiday Hayday" and if we aren't careful we'll get sucked into Christmas Season chaos and turn into two passing ships and missing moments for each other.

You can do this! I believe in you. This is a simple but powerful way to connect. No screens, no kids, no hoopla, no big expense. Just listening and laughing. ️

Ryan did this with me this week (first date since Eleanor) and it took me 30 full min to stop talking about the kids and figure out how to function without wiping mouths and rocking strollers (Any other mom relate 🤦🏼‍♀️). 

But once we got back in the “dating zone” we had such a refreshing time! (Thanks Grandma for watching the kids!)

Remember, simple can be special!

If you need some "Coffee Chat Conversation Starters" try these: [In the theme of 2, here's 2 for each category]

Keep it Light:

1. An airplane is waiting outside - we have 3 weeks of fully paid travel. Where are we going?

2. If you could have a day totally to yourself, what would you do? Go for Growth:

1. What’s been fun in your life these days? 

2. What’s been frustrating? 

Encourage Competition: [Answer for the other] 1. What's one way I add strength to our home?

2. When you look at me, what characteristic of Jesus do you see?

Make it Festive : 1. What's a must have on our Thanksgiving dinner table this year?

2. What's one way we can make Christmas extra special this year?

Tag a couple you know and love and tag me in your coffee pictures from the week!

I believe in you! You can do this and make it so fun! Light the candles, put on the playlist, try a fun "at home coffee recipe", go to that new coffee shop you always pass, order the holiday special. Let’s get some marriage momentum of fun going! ️ Clinking My Coffee Mug With You, Abby P.S *Don't forget.... The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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