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COVID with Young Kids

Going to the pediatrician in our jersey and pjs should be a sign of the unpredictable week we had

After months of being careful, wearing masks, and canceling all the things... COVID finally caught up with us. All of us.

Yep, all four of us have tested positive with COVID and even though we aren’t fully out of the woods yet, we are feelings worlds better and I wanted to share some hope of recovery as well as our experience with you today.

Christmas Eve we got that text that we had been exposed to COVID. No one wants to hear that but especially when you are a parent and a parent of young children (one being a 3 month old infant). We instantly prayed for that person and prayed for our family.

A day later, Ryan and I got hit pretty hard.

Days 1-4 : Headache, chills, body aches, exhaustion, etc.

Days 5+ : Lost smell and taste but started feeling so much better.

***Ryan and I never had a fever or took any kind of medicine. Just lots of prayer, water, and letting our body heal itself.

* Ryan and I have worn masks in our home 24/7 since our symptoms.

Eleanor is already a Cuddler but having Oliver come snuggle in my lap was my sign to check his temperature.

Thanks to prayer and breastmilk the children recovered very fast! Honestly we had about 2 days of slight symptoms and that’s it.

Oliver : Suddenly got very cuddly and then had a low grade fever. We ended up taking him to the pediatrician with a 101 fever just to be safe. He was clingy and a bit “tender” aka crying much easier about things, but his appetite or sleep never changed.

Eleanor : Got extra fussy and started refusing my breast, which is a red flag. Thankfully she took pumped milk from a bottle. Getting her breastmilk was her greatest chance of defense outside of prayer. Besides her normal feeds, I snuck in her room multiple times in the night to nurse her in her sleep because I wanted my milk to morph to her needs which only happens when baby is latched. She never had a fever and honestly was the least effected. Thank you Jesus!

*Not only did I give tons of extra breastmilk to Eleanor but I put some in Oliver‘s oatmeal and smoothie.

Oliver’s big Christmas gift was Magnatiles. I was so grateful to have them this week! They’ve been roads, food, tractors, and instruments.

Watching the kids endure the nose swab test was just about the worst of it all. So so sad 💔. But they are strong and we are grateful for the amazing pediatric team we have access to.

Also, just feeling terrible but still having to parent, and parent sick kids at that, was a low point. No laying around watching movies and eating soup for us. However, it seems that keeping our ”normal” and bodies moving actually helped speed up our recovery.

COVID is a beast. I wouldn’t wish our week upon anyone. It’s been very hard. BUT: through the blood of Jesus we are over-comers.

We refused fear. (Although it was a deliberate decision)

We stood in our God covenant. (Our only hope is through Jesus)

We prayed. (And had amazing friends praying with us)

We took things day by day and gladly welcomed those new mercies every morning. (Aren't you grateful for those new mercies?!)

We know not everyone‘s COVID story is as fortunate as ours. We are all still walking through this season together so please continue to do your part in prayer, wearing masks and socially distancing.

Teaching Eleanor the mood booster of a hot cup of tea early.

This isn’t the way we ideally wanted to end and start a year, but thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph! God is faithful and we thank you for continuing to stand with us as our taste and smell recovers.

Happy New Year,


* Don’t forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on ... from a distance for a few more quarantined days ;)



So glad that y’all are feeling better!! I had Covid over Christmas I’m so thankful that my hubby and children all stayed negative and that Josh was abled to be home to take care of me and the kiddos!

I am thankful for theraflu, Sinex, and Melatonin!


So glad y’all are on the mend!

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