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Create An At-Home Art Exhibit (BIG win for kids!)

What started as a normal Tuesday, ended with putting on some blazers, pearls, and a party dress to celebrate our At Home Art Gallery.

Every week in our Home Academy we focus on one thing to learn about. From bones to orchestras, tractors to animals, each week ebbs and flows with whatever interest peeks our curiosity.

Before you get impressed, let me say this is never planned or long. It's usually a 10 min video or book that then will bleed into a game, craft, or activity I come up with on the spot. This is an example of that. We had an idea and ran with it.

In the process of learning during our "museum" week, we ended up creating one of our own! An art museum exhibit to be exact.

My two year old worked hard on painting and sculpting. And in about 5 min of construction paper and scotch tape, our dining room was transformed into Oliver’s first art exhibit! We had a wall for each family of art : Realistic, Abstract, Portrait, and a special Sculpture Garden.

We ended up inviting some friends last minute to view the gallery and Oliver was so cute about showing off his art.

He picked a special outfit - Mickey shirt, suit, and green socks - head to toe selected by him. We baked a special cinnamon bread for our guests, put out some candles and put on some fancy orchestra music.

This was all “go with the flow fun” but ended up being really memorable. Hopefully next time we go to a museum, Oliver will remember what work and courage it took to put something on display for others to enjoy.

PLEASE copy this idea. Invite neighbors and grandparents! I think all ages really would enjoy it.

Here‘s a peek into ours, but you really could build this out as elaborate as you’d like.

***Shoutout to the BEST community that came along side to cheer on Oliver's exhibit. What a gift!

And for a full viewing of the fun, tune into the video below. ***My favorite part is when you hear "I'm ready for my Play Dough!" in the background :)

Always remember it doesn't take much to make learning fun and memorable! Happy Learning, Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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