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Creating a Giving Guide : Kid Edition

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I know it’s only October, and typically I’m not the early holiday person, but today I am. Why’s that? Because I LOVE gift giving, and simultaneously love budgets :)

Christmas is 12 weeks away which means gift giving is around the corner.

For some that may mean one or two presents, but for others your list piles up quickly with cousins, nephews/nieces, grandchildren, etc.

Starting now, and spacing out those purchases, can really help your budgeting. Also, thinking ahead can lead to some really thoughtful, meaningful gifts.


Here‘s some ideas of how you could start prepping now. I'm talking to parents here.

  1. Start a wishlist on Amazon. You can easily share that, or just keep it for yourself and watch for items to go on sale.

  2. Start a note on your phone. You can copy/paste it or share it easily in a text to grandparents or aunts/uncles. (Below I have a blank one you can use to get started).

  3. Print and mail. If you want a full blown activity, you can print and fill it out with the kids.

I created some templates that would be fun to fill out and send to grandparents or even just keep for yourself as a parent. It’s not an exact wish-list, but more of a guide so that from now until Christmas it may spark some giving ideas. A few options here for copy/paste, print, or phone editing. Here are some links and examples!


Copy/Paste this into a note on your phone to create you own:

🎄 Giving Guide

Dear Family and Friends! Any and all gifts are appreciated, but if you need some help here are some ideas.

Child's name:

Sizes (Tops/Bottoms/Shoes):

Favorite Color :

Favorite Characters (Books/Shows) :

Current Interests : (ex: Ballet, Nature, Art, Trucks)

Special Request From Child : (Ask the child and put their specific requests here.)

Special Request From Parent : (Ex: "We need new soccer cleats", or specific notes such as : ""New" isn't needed. We love second hand toys." )


Here’s an example we’ve been working on that will be a screenshot I’ll probably share with grandparents:)

Save these for phone or print :

Okay.... Back to October! But hopefully this can be a helpful tool to get your wheels turning and make sure that the purchases that are made, and the toys that fill your home are meaningful and purposeful. Cheers to Blessing Others, Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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