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Our Favorite YouTube Series, Oliver's Most Used Toy, and Eleanor's song. #CirklesCheckIn #Spring21

One day we will get a picture with all four of us looking and smiling. (A mom can dream). Until then, we'll always wonder what these cuties were looking at.

Happy Spring Everyone! The weather is beautiful, and we are feeling a wave of "new" in the air. The past few months have held a doozey of details including, all four of us overcoming COVID, Ryan and Oliver's Disney Trip, Eleanor turned 1/2 a year, and I resigned from my job to live the stay at home mom dream life. (All linked for those blogs if you happened to miss them) Here's a peek into some individual updates:

Ryan : (Answered by Ryan)

Ryan and Oliver had a day at Disney and it was one for the books!

Things I'm Learning:

To trust that God knows me and what I was created for more than I do. This means that wherever He leads me, calls me, places me, I am well able. To think I'm not is to dishonor him.

Eleanor got her first "poofy dress" from Ryan and she was a Valentine Beauty.

Things I'm Loving

  • Watching my wife live her dream. She continues to WORK at learning and leading our family in the home.

  • I'm loving spring weather and playing outdoors with Oliver and Eleanor

  • I'm loving Eleanor kisses

  • I'm loving that Oliver wants golf clubs

  • I'm loving the Body of Christ in more real ways through my relationships and work.

Ryan and I have committed to quarterly "night away getaways" this year. They are fast, and a ton of work to prep on my side as mom, but always so good for our friendship and marriage. (Shout out to Grandma and awesome neighbors!)

Things I'm Listening/Watching/Reading

  • I'm listening to Maverick City Jubilee (the whole album is great), lots of Donut Man, Bigger Pockets Podcast, and podcasts

  • I'm watching NCAA tournament (It's mad ya'll), and a lot of "Good Mythical Morning" food challenges on YouTube. Also, I'm excited to watch baseball opening day (go Rangers).

  • I'm reading The Bible, right now we're in Luke.

Our living doll. 5 months here.

Things I'm Looking Forward To

  • Buying Oliver golf clubs

  • Watching the masters next month

  • Taking Oliver to his first major league baseball game

  • Getting Eleanor on an airplane

  • My spring quarterly overnight date with Abigail

  • Hopefully playing some golf

  • Trips to see friends

  • This summer whatever it may hold

Printing this for a frame. One of my favorite pictures of the season.


Things I'm Learning

More and more I'm learning of the kindness of Jesus. He is so kind to teach, correct, lead, and provide in every way. Truly His friendship is better than anything this world can offer.

The girls trying to keep up with Oliver's outdoor adventures.

Things I'm Loving

  • Evenings with Ryan (Big supporter of kid bedtimes)

  • Watching Oliver and Eleanor giggle and play patty-cake

  • Outside acorn hunts with Oliver

  • Morning snuggles with Eleanor

  • Text group with some gals from church as we daily converse about scripture

The dynamic duo. How blessed am I?!

Things I'm Listening/Watching/Reading

  • Donut Man... lots of Donut Man. Also can't get off of Getting Ready

  • Ryan and I have been on a "Good Mythical Morning" kick, watching all their food challenges.

  • Reading lots of mom blogs as I glean and lean into this season.

Toy tip - take toys outside! They give a totally different play experience. Oliver here decided to give his tractors a bath after their hard dirt work.

Things I'm Looking Forward To


  • First swim for Eleanor/Lessons for Oliver

  • Hopefully an airplane trip as a family

  • More tea times with friends

Looking handsome on haircut day.

Oliver: 2 Years - 26 months to be precise for archive sake

  • We love two! Oliver is so fun and growing and learning more each day.

  • TALKING. Oliver is talking so well and all the time. I've stopped counting words because we are way into the hundreds He's up to 10-12 word sentences, questions, pronouns, I'm honestly so impressed.

  • Oliver is very into all things Farm including our current jam "Old MacDonald Had A Farm".

  • Magntiles for the win. These have really helped Oliver's imagination blossom.

  • Oliver is also in a "clarity seeking" phase. That's what I'm calling testing boundaries. He's learning what-means-what and our consistency in parenting is ever that more important. I'm so proud of the boy he's becoming and choices he's making.

Oliver has created many "zoos", barns, rocket ships, and restaurants with his magnatiles this season.

We've given Oliver a "plot" of the backyard to do just about whatever he wants. He was so proud of the bridge he made.

Eleanor on Dedication at church

Eleanor : 6 Months

  • Eleanor is resistant! She is learning and growing and we are so proud of her!

  • She is saying Ma-Ma and Ba-Ba, siting up in a tripod position for about 30 seconds, and rolling back and forth.

  • She loves singing! One song will guarantee a smile... The Tiki Room. Ha! Oliver came home from Disney singing it and it seems to be a sister hit.

  • We have been on a journey of healing a few things in her body. I'm so grateful to still be exclusively breastfeeding her, but recently have had to cut dairy and soy fully out of my diet to try to get some answers for her body. We are paying this will resolve the very hard 6 months of colic/reflux/rashes/fussiness.

  • She got dedicated at church and is brightening up our world more each day with joy.

Sweet smiles never get old.

You're a classy one, Nora Lee. And so deeply loved.

We are praying that your Spring Season is full of meaninful moments with the Lord and family. In His Joy, Abby ***Don't Forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on.

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