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Deep Breaths and Earnest Prayers : A Note of Love

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Happy Sunday (or whatever day you are reading this).

For various reasons, this week has felt heavy. Globally, locally, personally and relationaly, it has been weighty.

My prayer the past few months has been, Lord, increase my discernment. As a follower of Jesus, wife, mother, and leader I must be able to look through the dirt and see gold.

Breath prayers are something usually more in littergy heavy practices of faith, but I’ve found to value them. You focus on words as you breathe in and others as you breathe out. (Breathe in)"Jesus help me" (Breath out) "to hear Your voice".

(Breath in) "Jesus help me" (Breath out) "feel your heart."

Do that a few times and it really helps ground a heavy heart.

Now is not the hour to be self-absorbed and full of wallow. We must allow Holy Spirit to help us be "spiritually sober" and "spiritually strong."

There is a sobering passage in Matthew:

‘We played wedding songs, and you didn’t dance, so we played funeral songs, and you didn’t mourn.’ - Matthew 11: 17

I want to learn how to do “and”. Weep AND celebrate

Comfort AND correct

Discernment helps us see the “and”.

Jesus has a strong arm and a gentle arm. He knows when to embrace with love and fight with strength. We too must walk in the Spirit, ready to ebb and flow And trust His guidance in every season and situation. So, this week, may this blog be a note of love and encouragement that you are not alone. Whether in sorrow or celebration, you are not alone. His promise wasn’t that everything will always be perfect. His promise is that He will never leave us.

May we all go into this week with a deep breath in our soul and an earnest prayer in our spirit as we ask for the nearest of Jesus to be known. In His Joy, Abby *Don't Forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on.



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