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Disney World Recap! #2022

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We went, we ate, we laughed, we cried, we made memories and we are exhausted! (In the best most fulfilling magical way).

We kicked off the year with a Disney World adventure and we have millions of pictures to show for it!

We had so much fun, I’ll be doing a two part blog in this trip.

Part 1 : Right here, right now, lots of pictures of the fun. Part 2 : Let’s get practical. I’m giving all the thoughts/tips of a family trip to Disney with toddlers. This will be THE blog to save if you ever plan to go to Disney World with kids. Including how we saved hundreds of dollars! Make sure you don’t miss next weeks blog!

We were so blesssed to have Aunt Hannah and our dear friend Sam join the adventure! You’ll see their appearance in pictures and videos.

Family Highlights:

Ryan : Slinky Dog with Oliver, Parades with Eleanor, our whole “crew” enjoying Animal Kingdom.

Abby : Mickey runaway railroad, watching Eleanor enjoy The Lion King live performances, Oliver’s zeal and “original songs”.

Oliver : The Tiki Room, Goofy’s Barnstormer, Slinky Dog Dash

Eleanor: The Lion King Live Performance, bubbles everywhere, It’s A Small World

*Please note this is a curated gallery. Please know in between these moments (some seen below) were tears from over stimulated children, tension from overwhelmed parents, sitting in a hotel bathroom while trying to guard a dark roomed nap time, and so much other “trip reality” that comes with traveling with family. Still 100% worth it, but I want to be 100% real here with anyone (especially parents) planning a Disney trip.

In no order, here’s a peek into our fun!

Here‘s some of my other, not as grid worthy, fun memories. Leaving our house at 3am to catch an early flight. ✈️ All the things that entertained my children more than the millions of dollars Disney attractions. 😂 Crying selfies and bathroom books from 5am time zone early mornings and all afternoon overstimulated overtired failed nap attempts.👎🏻 Rained on hair and all day laundry when returning home. 😬 Please don’t get me wrong. I love this part too. These parts mean we were blessed to travel as a family! But please don’t miss that these were equally a part of our Disney package as the rest.

Overall it was a great trip! Come back next week for all the hacks, shoutouts, and tips we used and enjoyed!

- Abby


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