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DIY Maternity Pictures

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

What a privilege to have so many pictures! I know of moms a few generations back that would have loved to have so many memories captures. We are so blessed to have a family friend and photographer, Meraiah Conde (@mcondephotos), who usually is our go-to for pictures. (She took our engagments, first christmas, maternity pics, and Oliver's 9 month pictures). But with Covid and busy life seasons, sometimes you need to just adjust. As much as I would have loved to get professional maternity pictures, this go-around it just wasn't going to happen. So, on a day when Oliver's nap went extra long, I did my makeup and hair, Ryan pulled out his iphone portrait mode, and in less than 5 min we got a few that capture this season. I've always said, bathrobes are the christening of a new season for me. So using this pink floral maternity bathrobe was perfect from Caden Lane. Every time I see these pictures I'll remember this sweet season of dreaming, creating, decorating, and praying for my sweet Eleanor, in my pink robe and cup of tea.

Enjoy a few from our impromtu, iphone photo shoot:

Tips if you're going to DIY your Maternity Pictures: - Natural Lighting.

Face natural lighting if possible. It really makes a difference.

- Set your expectations.

As much as we'd all love thousands of perfect pictures, really we just need one or two for a frame, scrapbook, or social post. So relax, this doesn't have to be an hour ordeal. Take a few pictures and enjoy the process. If you don't like them, you didn't waste any money, you can try again another day. That's the joy of DIY photography. ***That's also to say, the angles and lighting won't be the best. Professional photographers are just that... professionals. Of course their pictures are going to turn out better. But if you're in a unique situation or a tight budget, any picture is better than none.

- Think about capturing the "Season" not "Perfection." Take your maternity pictures in a special location, with a special toy, or a special outfit that means something to you and this pregnancy. Just because it's trendy on Pinterest doesn't mean it's meaningful to you. Taking picture just for you is a reason enough. You don't have to post them. But one day, you'll be grateful you captured the season.

- Capture the spouse or siblings too!

For Oliver's maternity picture Ryan was in them, which was so special. But since Ryan was the photographer this go-around, we pulled Oliver in after his nap for some "Big Brother" pictures. They are my FAVORITES! Oliver was much more comfortable because it was dad on the other side of the camera. And I didn't have the "pressure" of "we're paying for these so they have to turn out perfect!" Thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating with us as we continue to wait until Eleanor makes her debut. A Joyful Mother, Abby P.S - Don't forget... the Cirkles are cheering you on!



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