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Do You Know What July 2 Is?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Have you noticed there is a holiday for just about every day?!

Well July 2 is a big day because it is the exact halfway mark of 2021.

Yep. You read that correct folks. In 6 months it’ll be 2022.

Here are some action steps to celebrate and plan well:

GOALS and GRATITUDE: If you are a goal setting type of person. Revisit and restart. There’s nothing magical about Jan 1.

  • Pull out that journal or document and check in on yourself.

  • Also, take a pause and look back. How has Jesus been faithful to you and your family? Where have you seen His promises and presence? Write them down!

TRAVEL : Set it in a calendar now and give yourself time to get excited! I'm always big on thinking outside of the box.

  • Summer trips?

  • Fall Girls Getaways?

  • Staycation in your city?

HOLIDAY PLANS : Speaking of travel, now is the time to set your (penciled in) plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Yes, I know it seems uber early but giving this kind of "tentative" heads up really can help family and friends set schedules and expectations.

  • Location : Where will we spend each holiday? Husband's Side? Wife's Side? Just our family unit? Destination Holiday? College Roommate Reunion?

  • Budget : What can we save and set aside now to have the Holiday Season we want?

  • Buy Big Holiday Items Now: Right now you're going to find things really discounted. No, you won't get it all, but if you know you want a new Christmas tree this year, or you've been wanting a fall tablecloth, do some googling and see what you can find now.

DATE : Spouse or Friend.... set it out!

  • When‘s the last time you had a fancy dress up date? Even if you only get one or two in for the rest of the year that’d be a huge victory!

  • Have you been missing a certain friend? Text them right now and set a coffee date. Even if it’s weeks or months away.

  • Are there any friendships you've been wanting to cultivate? Set a double date.


  • Any subscriptions or auto charges you aren’t using?

  • Is your budget working? What do you need to rework?

  • What are your big savings and giving goals for the rest of the year?


  • Do you see any passions your child has that you can lean into?

  • What are some character traits that need extra training?

  • Any one-on-one activities or talks you'd like to schedule?


Dream List! Not everything on the list will stick, but put it all in paper and then as a family go through and highlight things and plug it on the calendar to try to do.

Examples :

- Read “xyz”

- Plant a summer garden

- Invite a family to lunch after church

- Do a Halloween family outreach

- Redecorate your bedroom

- Play golf

- Make a milestone birthday extra special

- Schedule an appointment youve been putting off (dentist, doctor, chiropracto, therapist, etc)

That’s a lot of information and questions, I know. The over achiever Abby in me loves stuff like this!

The big idea is : be intentional with your time because every day counts!

Tally Ho! Abby

Dont Forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on! (and miss you! Plug a visit in over the next 6 months ;))


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