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Easter 2022

Jesus is alive! This changes everything. I deeply hope you know the joy of friendship with Jesus. His life adds so much to yours if you allow it.

Semi-selfishly, I use this blog as a family archive of sorts thus today’s content is mostly just for me. However, sometimes it’s nice to join someone on a journey, so if you’re interested, enjoy the following pictures. Oliver was in his first choir and I loved how he gave thumbs up to everyone.

*A special note of thanks to any and all church staff and volunteers that put so much extra effort into today. I am confident people were blessed by your hard work!

*A special note to any parent. I hope you enjoyed Jesus today. I hope you paused and thanked Him for His life that gave you life. If you have been curling hair, yelling “smile” and prepping food, I give you this moment right now to close your eyes and pause to think and talk to Jesus. Also, if you didn’t get the pictures you wanted, you probably own those clothes and can easily do a photoshoot at home this week. ❤️

Jesus is worthy. Jesus is with you.

Enjoy some looks into our day.

Thanks for joining us on our journey! Blessings on your week!

With A Full Heart,


***Don‘t forget…the cirkles are cheering you on.


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