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*EASTER WEEK* Family Activities #AllJesus

What a Holy Week we are entering! Christians and churches around the globe are pausing, remembering and celebrating THE event that changed history forever, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I’ve found there are a lot of resources surrounding Christmas, but sadly not as much emphasis is focused on Easter in the home. If you’ll have little ones around you in the next week, give some of these a try!


1. App : Easter Now. AMAZING app to tie you into the story. Great for you personally as an adult, but also great ways to present the story in “live time” to your family.

2. Songs :

Hosanna by Donut Man is such a fun one for little toddlers. ***Lots of jumping!

If you type in “Easter Kids Christian”on Spotify, you'll find a fun playlist with loads of tunes themed for Easter family fun.

3. Holy Week Prayer Prompts : @littlewaychapel has a wonderful Holy Week prayer prompt guide. The Instagram post is a free resource but she has a $5 PDF that goes into detail great for more in-depth lessons great for home and church alike.

Easter Story Picture Cards

Make and decorate a few symbols from the Easter story. Paper, marker, and simple sketches can be turned into a lot of easy faith-focused fun!

1. Decoration! Turn your papers into home decorations. Let the kids paint or color them. Clip them into a garland, tape on a wall, or add to a refrigerator.

2. Game! Hide them around the house and turn it into a scavenger hunt, and then put them in the right sequence.

3. Act it Out! Use them as visuals or scene markers as you tell or act out the story or go through Holy Week as a family. Also an Easter Themed Charades is so fun. Draw these drawings out of a bowl and enjoy some giggles.


1.Resurrection Rolls. These are really fun! You wrap a marshmallow (representing Jesus) in a crescent roll (representing the tomb). When the rolls comes out of the oven the “tomb” is empty! Recipe here.

2. Good Friday Cross Cake : Any chocolate cake recipe and with frosting, add a cross. *Chocolate for the dark day of Jesus’ death. Frosting Cross for the sweetness of a promise and prophecy fulfilled. Bonus fun, have them say “it is finished” after eating the last bite.

3. Communion. Depending on your denomination belief when it comes to breaking of bread, Easter week (especially Thursday which is known to be the Last Supper) is a special moment to share or serve with your family.

A Time To Share The Gospel

A genuine note to take time to share the Gospel with your family this week. As in a sit down with your kids. Talk it out. Let them talk. Hear the holes they have in the story and person of Jesus. Listening is a VERY powerful tool!

This is a great time to intentionally share the story of Jesus, the problem of sin, and the rescue plan of the cross. Sometimes people can take their family to church but forget to take them to Jesus!

“Have you made Jesus the leader of your life?“

There are so many age appropriate ways to do this conversation, full of fun illustrations and visuals. Maybe anther blog on that another time. But I don’t want you to be caught up in the “how“. Share Jesus as you share a friend. Introduce Him. Tell His story. Be proactive in these conversations. I personally was 6 years old when I told Jesus “I want to give you ALL of my heart. I want to follow you.” It was a very real sacred moment. I am praying with you that Holy Spirit will open eyes and reveal Jesus to your family and friends this week!

I pray you have a wonderful week and a celebratory Easter!

He is Risen,


***Don‘t forget…The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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