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Eleanor's "Vintage Floral" Nursery

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I have had so much fun putting together Eleanor's nursery! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms in our home. It's girly and pink, but in the most lady-like lovely way. If you read about our home decor philosophy, "Home Curating" (linked here), you'll know that decorating with meaning is very important to me. This nursery is full of nothing less. Some extra special details: - Jeremiah 1:5 print I pinned years ago, and knew one day I had a little girl it would go in her nursery. It was graciously gifted by a dear church friend, who also is over our nursery. (Thank you Mrs. Janie for your kindness and faithful prayers for my children!)

- Thanks to Grandma, the curtains are the statement of the room. In the softest of pink, these linen bow curtains make me smile in every way. She also gifted me with the glider for Oliver's pregnancy that is AMAZING. I had to move it over because it is the most comfortable chair ever.

- A closet and dresser stocked with adorable clothes and handmade blankets and burp rags thanks to Aunt Hannah and Cuppy.

-My kind sister-in-law, Sarah, updated a thrifted night stand and helped me with the hoop above her crib.

- The pillow in the glider was mine as a little girl.

- The bookshelves hold special mementos as well. (Some of my personal favorite childhood books, a porcelain teapot that was my Grandmas, and a very special vintage Pollyanna book. My first pregnancy, that ended in miscarriage was terribly hard. (Our miscarriage story linked here). Ryan took me away for the weekend shortly after to try to lift my spirits. While browsing in an antique store I found this first edition Pollyanna book which felt like a wink from Heaven that God was with me in this season. Firstly, I love Pollyanna and try to live with a "Grateful Game" mentality. Secondly, I collect vintage children's books. It is now so special sitting on that shelf because it was written by Eleanor H Porter, and now reminds me of the goodness of God to give me a miracle daughter; an who just so happens to be an Eleanor. So that one books holds a lot of promise to me.

-If you know me, I've gotta add in some Maranatha touches. It seems to keep me grounded in my motherhood mantra of "Discipling nations and generations." Her floral collage are prints that were gifted from a Senior Saint at church; "Flowers of Israel". I also got in there a map of Jerusalem. -And the cherry on top is a Jane Austen postcard I got in Bath while studying abroad at Oxford.

Throw in a basket of books, a bucket of toys, and an eager brother who graciously tested all of sister's books and toys and we are set! I'm praying this sweet room is full of the peace and presence of God. I pray that being surrounded by beauty will nourish the soul of Eleanor as well as me in those many nights of nursing in that glider.

***Leave a comment, or connect with me on Social Media (@abbycirkles) if you have any questions of where I bought certain items. The Joyful Mother, Abby

***Don't Forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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