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End of Year Guide

I love doing end of the year reviews. It helps me see the big picture of what God did as well as is a fun inventory to watch your life evolve throughout time. I always carve out about 30-60 min the last week of December to "Review/Reflect" and "Pray/Plan". Here's my outline - use as little or as much as you'd like. Even though I'm a paper gal, I do my reviews digitally, so I can have them all in one folder to look back on. My mom set aside a special family journal with our answers as children, which is really fun to look back on. This is also a really great date-night activity for couples, or roommates to go through together. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and let's answer some of these questions together.


1. Personal Highlight:

2. Professional Highlight:

3. Personal Low:

4. Professional Low:

5. If your year was a color what color would it be and why?: Life Inventory

1. Money Saved :

2. Weight lost/gained:

3. Recreation that refreshed you: 4. Harmful habits broken: 5. Helpful habits formed:

Spiritual Formation 1. One corporate moment that was spiritually significant:

2. One personal miracle that you're grateful for :

3. One sermon that stood out to you this year :

4. One song that helped you know Jesus more :

5. One person who inspired your faith: Out-and-About Highlights

1. Favorite destination of the year :

2. Favorite hotel/accommodation of the year :

3. Favorite restaurant of the year :

4. Place that probably received most of your money this year: 5. Favorite adventure of the year : Special People

1. Someone who comforted you in a difficult situation/season :

2. Someone who challenged you to become a better you :

3. Someone you loved laughing with this year :

4. Someone who was a new friend :

5. Someone who inspired you : Entertainment Favorites

1. Book/Blog :

2. Movie :

3. Show :

4. Social Account:

5. Podcast:

PRAY AND PLAN *** This segment is MUCH more open ended. I usually pray and jot down a few thoughts, words, or scriptures the Lord gives me. Whether 1 min or 1 hour, take some time to talk and listen to The Lord about what is on His heart for your 2020 season. Questions to think about: 1. How are you going to prioritize God's Word this year? 2. What church are you going to commit to this year? 3. What does prioritizing your family look like this year? 4. Do you have a giving/savings goal? 5. What is one project you'd like to complete? 6. What does "A healthier you look like?" What steps do you need to take to become him/her? 7. List out people/places you'd like to visit this year. 8. What does rest look like for you this year? 9. What are you saying "no" to this year? 10. What are you saying "yes" to this year? I'll be sharing some templates as well as some of my answers on social media this week. I'd love for you to join the conversation with me @abbycirkles. May we all feast on His faithfulness and dream in His fullness together, Abby ***Don't forget, The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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