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Endurance : The Handshake of Faith

This week I have been pondering on “endurance” after hearing a definition that struck me.

Endurance : Grace to remain under the weight.

"Grace to stay?! How about grace to go?! Grace to get out! I don't want to stay in anything heavy!" was my initial thought. And I think if we're all honest that's a very typical response. When we feel stuck or still our prayers shift to escape. I don't think this is bad, but sometimes it can really put blinders on our eyes to the grace that IS present and endurance that is growing.

You see, without endurance Christ would have a pretty wimpy Bride. We'd be wilting at the first scoreboard of fire and give up at our first wave of exhaustion. But NO! Jesus doesn't have an exhausted bride! He has a bride strong, pure, and ready to remain with Him no matter what. Endurance is a grip with covenant. It's holding on to Christ saying no matter, through better or worse, I'm here.

Church, I know their are hard and heavy seasons but let's remain.

Remain in faith.

Remain in praise.

Remain in courage.

Remain standing.

“And having done all you can, stand” Ephesians 6:13

As we remain we grow endurance and spiritual endurance is a POWERFUL force for the Kingdom of God!

“Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that He has promised.” Hebrews 10:35

Patient endurance. Whew. That's easier said than done.

Patience : To wait in peace.

Endurance : To remain under the weight

It's one thing to wait to get on an exhilarating roller coaster. The wait in line may be hot and long, but you know there's something fun ahead. But to be asked to wait for weight?!

That doesn't sound like something desireabke to sign up for. However, it's a way the Kingdom of God. Wait in the weight. It's a time where faith and friendship with the Lord is forged SO STRONGLY.

Endurance is the handshake of faith!

If you feel like you're enduring. You haven't been forgotten or overpasses by God. I believe it's a sign of God being with you. His grace is being released and grace is always the handiwork of God.

So dear friends who feel heavy or weighty, perhaps in partnership with the Lord, endurance is being formed. I am so sorry for the tears, the questions, the emotional exhaustion. It is not wrong to pour our your heart and mind to the Lord. However, may I remind you, we don't walk through valleys the same as the world. We walk WITH Him! We stand when others faint, we bless His name when others curse, we praise when others complain, we rest in faith not fear.

So may I take a moment to say, we are all in some kind of season of endurance. Every general of faith, every man and woman of God has had to have seasons of supernatural endurance. The spirit of faith will come upon you and give you the strength you need to NOT LET GO. Don't let go of HIM. Sometimes it's not about putting our faith on "it" (a dream or desire in a journal) as much as it's putting our faith "in" Him. He who promises is faithful!

Some endurance training:

  • Create to victory/faith music playlist

  • Make a "Faithful He has Been" list and remember His goodness.

  • Study the names of God.

  • Learn the art of Sabbath, that gives us the stamina of faith.

  • Read the books of Acts. (*Goodness, that always stirs my faith!)

  • Pray in the spirit

Friends! Co-Laborers! Please don't let go! Keep the grip! Keep the faith! We will see a fulfillment! We are in training. This is not about getting a "faith checklist" accomplished. This is about having a faith pleasing to the Lord.

When He hears your name, is His assurance in your endurance? Can He trust you to not let go of the grip of His hand or gaze of His eyes?

He Is With Us,


***Don't forget...The Cirkles are cheering you on.



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