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Family Summer Schedule

If you find yourself panicking with “what in the world am I going to do with these kids all summer?!” I’m here to encourage you! You’re going to make meaningful memories with minimum effort! You can do this! Summer can be enjoyable!

Here’s some good news: There is no pressure to be a cruise director and entertain your children 24/7. Part of the joys of summer is kids don’t have to have an adult directing them all day.

But I also know that with open days can come a big feeling of frustrations.

To help the days flow smoothly, I have found to block my day into sections. This helps the time go by much more enjoyably.

Our Daily Rhythm looks like this: Breakfast

Morning Play


Rest Time

Afternoon Play


Bedtime Prep


This is pretty much a year round rhythm, but during the summer we try to add in some intentional fun (especially the morning play) to make things special.

We do this by introducing THE SUMMER SCHEDULE at the kickoff of summer and the momentum really adds joy to our home.

You can give any day any category but for us it looked like this:

Summer Weekly Schedule

Sunday : Church

Monday : Book Day

Tuesday : Water Play

Wednesday: Play Date

Thursday : Theme Day

Friday : Art Day

Saturday : Family Fun

It’s great for you as a parent to have a focus, but what I’ve found best for me, is it gives the kids something to grab onto and get creative with.

I’ve linked an easy Summer Week Of Fun guide (10 pages 🎉) that gives you 7 day categories, with 5 ideas for each category to get your brain going. It’s only $2 for this week.

$2 is less than a coffee, and not only gives you some goodness, but helps fill in the gap with all the free blog content I give to you and your family. ❤️

This download is full of bright colors and creative ideas to get your summer going strong! It’s not fancy but it sure is fun!

A framework like this SAVED my sanity when I was in the thick of two under two, and with a few summers under my belt, it’s only gotten more fun and helpful.

Not every day will be within these categories. But when the time is ticking backwards, it’s super helpful to look at this schedule and say “Oh look! It’s Thursday! Let’s have a Blue Day! Let’s think of something blue to wear, something blue to do and something blue to eat!”

Take things one day at a time. Every day doesn’t have to be “spectacular”. Truly with kids, a little goes a long way!

Cheering you on!




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