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Fear Not! Silencing Toxic Thinking.

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Fear. What a trap.

I heard a minister once say, "Fear is the most tolerated sin in the Church."

Although such a "normal part" of life for most, did you know the Bible says "fear not" 365 times? How kind of the Lord to give us a daily reminder. And yet, even with a Bible full of promises and a friendship with Truth Himself, we choose to worry, we fret, we overthink, we clench things closely and barricade others away. Sometimes we can get more accustomed with our fear thoughts that Truth can feel uncomfortable and foreign.

Did you know that even though the Spirit of fear camps out in your brain, it effects much more. Fear can manifest in MANY forms and like a toxic disease spreading into your entire body, fear can leak into every area of your life. From physical symptoms to relationship issues, fear is deadly.

We must... yes WE.... must get ruthless with fear.

Fear never stops. There is no end. Even in your own "think positive" efforts, you cannot stop the spirit of fear. BUT GOD.

The Spirit of God, CAN and HAS evicted the spirit of fear. He has given us His portion of power, love, and self-control. And yet somehow we continue to slip back to .....

All the toxic thinking.

Thoughts that don’t feed faith.

Thoughts that go against the character of God.

Thoughts of failure and defeat, lust and lack.

It’s a deathly trap because as we think, we speak. And what we speak determines life or death.

This topic is a big web, I know. So much factors into the patterns of thinking. Past experiences, trauma encounters, mental and physical health, even ways and patterns our neuron connections happened in our childhood. But at the core of fear is a spirit, think of it as a whisper. Those thoughts are a sound, but when we welcome them in, we welcome not just a sound but a spirit. We must repent for housing fear, and remember that we have the power to kick out unwanted thoughts and be a home for the Spirit of God.

2 Timothy 1:7, "God has not given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind."

Friends, we have tolerated fear thoughts long enough. I don't even want to elaborate any more. You know. We know. The Spirit of fear is trying to creep into every corner and conversation of our lives. Let's pray.

Faithful Father, I pray for these friends. I command the spirit of fear to go. You have promised the Spirit of God as a seal on the hearts of those who believe. We believe. You have promised the Spirit that causes us to cry out Abba Father. So we cry out Father. We cast our cares, we cast our fears, we cast our doubts to You. You have forever settled in heaven Your victory and we trust in Your goodness. We will laugh at our future in knowing that no matter what is infront of us, You will be beside us. Thank you for the gift of Your presence. In YOU we find refuge.

Stay Diligent. No Fear Here.

Victory is Our Battle Cry,

Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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Love this so much! Miss you and thankful for your blog 🤍

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