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First Fishing Trip, Baby-moon Plans, Cherubims , and more #SummerCheckIn23

Hello Summer!

We have a lot going on in The Cirkles Household and I'm learning that's okay. I so value home+slow rhythms that a busy calendar and lots of car time is hard on me. But I know it's a short and sweet summer whirlwind season, so we are leaning into all the fun.

We recently got back from a delightful week vacation visiting Ryan's side of family. First fishing trip (thank you Chris and Hannah!), first movie (Aristocats, complete with movie theater popcorn and alllll the candy snacks), private gymnastics time, and lots of fun, food and time with grandparents. A special thanks to all of our family that rearranged their world to make this week so special for our kiddos (and us!)

As we look back and plan ahead here are some things we are learning, loving, and looking fowars to this summer (June 21- September 23).


  • Learning - To breathe, calm myself and remember Psalm 23. I’m continuing to be trained by Holy Spirit: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all that I need.” Anxiety, frustration, restlessness, anger, and fear all come from a place of needing or wanting something, usually more control. Not only do I need nothing, I can trust my good God and rest easy in all things, even the things I don’t enjoy.

  • Loving - all types of lemon or lemonade flavored sparkling waters or Italian sodas, summer fun with our church family, working more on our family’s finances and first-place Texas Rangers baseball!!!

  • Looking forward to - My birthday, including a trip with Abby that includes one of my other best friends and a bucket-list golf moment, along with Oliver taking me, Abby and Eleanor to a baseball game. We’re launching more discipleship moments in our church community as we head toward fall, prepping for Eleanor’s birthday (my sweet girl is 3) and a richer fellowship daily with Jesus.


  • Learning -The Holy Spirit is the only parenting tutor that knows it all and He is helps all the time. Practically I'm also learning with hormones this round, I get overstimulated much quicker and need to give myself grace and permission to ask Ryan for more "Mama minutes" to step away and reset.

  • Loving - Second trimester! Hearing baby girl’s heartbeat, summer fruit, air conditioning 😅

  • Looking Forward to - a late summer trip with Ryan to Wisconsin that we are counting as "Babymoon", finding maternity pieces that fit and are fashionable, Eleanor’s birthday, a new homeschool season and a Mama homeschool buying and planning trip with a dear friend (Jamie).

Oliver ; *As answered by Oliver

  • Learning - Taekwondo, Reading, and Cheribums. (We got into the Holy of Holies recently and became very fascinated after this video.)

  • Loving - Wild Animals, DannyGo!

  • Looking Forward To - More home school (unit studies), Baby Sister, summer play dates, Cuppy Camp (aka time with Ryan's Mom)

Eleanor: *As answered by Eleanor

  • Learning - potty training

  • Loving - puzzles, dancing, Humphrey Bear (favorite stuffed animal) , painting

  • Looking Forward to - my Princess/painting birthday party (our theme changes every week so stay posted to see where we land 😅) , my first baseball game, Baby Sister

Praying for peace and sweet moments in your Summer Season.

In His Joy,




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