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Food Challenge Party. SO FUN!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We recently hosted a "Food Challenge" party, and quickly decided this is a hit we want to continue. Seriously, the whole night I kept thinking how much I wanted to do this again... and equally how fun this would be for youth or young adult groups, or how many versions of this you could do. PLEASE give it a go, even if one brand battle with your family. (More on that below)

***This cost me right at $50, for 12 adults, however depending on your rounds and foods you could edit as needed. This is not the healthiest evening on your life, but fresh fruit and a heads up to the guest can help.

Here are supplies you need:

1. Pen and Paper (People could use their phones too)

2. 3oz Rinse cups

3. Blindfolds (Cloth napkins did the trick for us)

4. Food

Here were our Rounds: 1. Brand Battle. This consisted of two cups for each category. A point was given for each round that the guessed which was the name brand correctly.

- Dark Soda

- Light Soda

- Poptart

- Popcorn

2. Blind Fold Cheese Board. 6 cheeses was a bit much, I'll admit. They were given the 6 types of cheeses and then after tasting them blindfolded, had to guess which number was each cheese.

- Brie

- Cheddar

- Goat

- Blue

- Monterrey Jack

- Mozzarella

3. Flavor Find. 8 Bowls of pringles were placed on a table, with the names of the flavors. After tasting they had to correctly connect the number to the flavor.

- Original

- Reduced Fat Original

- Cheddar Cheese

- Sour Cream and Onion

- Salt and Vinegar

- Pizza

- Scorch Chili and Lime

- Ranch

***After this challenge we tallied up points. Top 3 (4 for us because of a tie) entered the herb round.

4. Smell the Herb Blindfolded, they had to smell herbs and match the names.

- Dill

- Basil

- Thyme

- Mint

- Rosemary Winner got to take home the full package of any three items from the food challenge.

This was so much fun and I hope you give a version of this a try with your family, friends, church small group, or holiday gathering. Cheers to more fun, Abby ***Don't Forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!



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