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Full Portion Motherhood

Out of all the ways God could have brought redemption, He chose to use a mother to initiate. It was Mary who birthed Jesus, and also who released “it is time” at the first miracle of water into wine. God believes in mothers. He uses motherhood for the Kingdom. If you are a mother, thank you for partnering with Heaven to bring a soul to earth. What a miracle.

I don’t know what stage or season you are in, but I believe He has FULLNESS of joy just for you.

Here are some reminders for you :

1.Jesus can exchange grief for glory.

Motherhood can hold tremendous grief. Hurtful words, regretted choices, and loss can pierce your heart. It can also however, be an invitation for friendship with the Lord. You see the glory isn't that every painful reality is reversed, the glory is found in the assurance that you don’t have to sit in grief alone. Jesus, the glorious one will cover and comfort you.

2. Jesus will exchange worry for wisdom. Worry is misplaced trust. It’s full of frazzle and frantic lies that swirl in your head. It sounds like “what if…” and charades “worst case scenarios” in front of your mind.

The Lord provides us with wisdom, Mamas.

Through His word and His voice He’ll show you the way to do things. He’ll give you wisdom on what to say, and not say. He’ll give you wisdom on what to draw a line on and what to give grace to.

If you battle with the soundtrack of worry, I encourage you to replace it with wisdom. (Proverbs is a great place to start!) Your portion is not dread and defeat, your portion is peace.

3. He exchanges exhaustion for empowerment.

I am not going to negate the physical exhaustion that comes from raising children. It is a lot. It is not easy. But living with the constant “draining” or “dread” feeling is not the portion Jesus has for you. He has (and can) filled you with His Spirit. A Helper to help you in all areas. He fills you with His presence. He fills you with grace to do all He has called you to. He has given you the children you have and has equally given you the ability to steward them well.

You, sweet Mama, are doing an amazing job. If there is shame, guilt, grief, anger, worry, selfishness, exhaustion, or discouragement on your plate, let the Lord scrape off that moldy portion. It’s not yours. Like a distinguished chef, let Him serve you. Let Him provide the fullness of His fruit : love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness , and self control.

Sit and Dine, Sweet friend. Feast on His faithfulness. His steadfast friendship will satisfy you. In sleepless seasons and empty nest learning curves, your friendship with Jesus will carry you.

Ps 17:15 “Because I am righteous I will see you. When I awake I will see you face to face and be satisfied.”

In His Joy,


***Don‘t forget…The Cirkles Are Cheering You On!

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Love this! So wise… thank you for sharing 🙏🏼🙌🏽

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