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Gearing Up For Sunny Days

We are in full Sunny Season prep in Texas. I say "Sunny Season" because we have about 2 weeks of spring and then things get HOT. In my pursuit to get ahead of the game, I put out a question on my Facebook and Instagram with a "Help! Give me your favorite "Sunny" products" so I could start stocking up now to prep for some fun. Well.... I got SO much good feedback I couldn't keep it to myself. Some of these are some Cirkles favorites of ours, and others are from my "mom community". Here's a roundup of some great options to help you this spring and summer!

*I linked as many as I could. Underlined items hold links.

Sun Gear :

  1. Rash guard Sets [Mom's unanimously stated - go for the rash-guard. It's better protection and much easier than getting sunscreen on wiggly little ones. We got this one for Oliver from Carters]

  2. Puddle Jumper [***Great debate on this. Some mom's seem to swear by it, others warn against poor swim habits. But I wanted to add it because it seems to be a good fit for a lot of families. It's important, if you go this route to still have 100% adult supervision while wearing these.]

  3. Think Sunscreen [Adding this to my list with my two porcelain cuties]

  4. Fisher Price Baby Sun Tent [We use this constantly. Eleanor happily plays as Oliver and I gallivant in the backyard. I love that it provides a sun shade for those long hours in the sun.]

  5. Bucket Sun Hat [A big sun/bucket hat is so great to protect those cheeks and necks. I love carters and H&M for sun hats]

Sun Toys:

  1. Sink / Water Table : Top of the list recommendations was a water table. However I also got a few recommendations for the new "Toy Sink" trend. You get water play without as much of the mess.

  2. Splash Pads . Turn it on and have hours of play without the dangers of a swimming pool.

  3. Yard Tools : We got these for Oliver's Birthday and he uses them constantly. They are really durable and not so much "toys". [We also got him this wheel barrow that's been fantastic fun]

  4. Bubble Machine. Turn it on and go.

  5. "Mud Kitchen" play. Don't ever underestimate the power of some old cake pans, measuring cups and a pile of mud

Misc :

  1. Stroller Fan. A MUST for hot climates. We love this one because it's rechargeable.

  2. Popsicle Molds. Lots of moms suggested Popsicle molds for custom juice and smoothie pops.

  3. Picnic Blanket Bag [We have a similar one to this and it's one of my best purchases.]

  4. Funky Monkey Sandals on Amazon : I don't have these but had multiple recommendations for them on my social poll. They are fairly cheap and come in a ton of colors.

Outdoor play is so important to childhood so I hope these give you some ideas to have fun and get outside. Just remember, you don't have to do it all, but try to do something! I'll leave you with this quote (one of my favorites that I actually have framed in Oliver's room).:

Happy Play, Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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