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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free, and Soy Free Ideas

Updated: Jun 2

The past few months, I’ve found myself in need of eating a pretty restrictive diet due to breastfeeding specifics we are walking through. It’s not the easiest endeavor, but it’s definitely doable with a plan.

I know I am always searching far and wide for meals, quick grabs, and treats and I thought perhaps a curated list (curated nit comprehensive by any means) would be helpful.

Whether for personal health, upcoming hosting, or simply preference I have a few ideas that hopefully can help.

Overall Tips :

  • You have to read labels. It’s not enough to just say “no glasses of milk, pizza or scrambled eggs”. Many allergy prone and inflammatory items are used in a lot of products and recipes that you wouldn’t think of.

  • Eating at chain restaurants while on vacations and trips seems to be helpful because they usually have a thorough online allergy menu chart menu you can google pretty fast.

  • For diary+egg purposes, I’ve found it easiest to look for “vegan” as an easy start with a lot of products.

  • A delightful latte can go a long way when you feel restricted. Just make sure you customize it as you need (decaf/oatmilk/sugarfree/etc)

Meals ; Easy meals I’ve been enjoying on this journey

  • Italian Pork Crockpot Ciabatta Sandwich

  • Meat Pasta (I’ve found trader joe gluten free pasta, with Italian sausage or ground beef, and a clean tomato sauce (I like Ragu Simple 8) is an easy 10 min meal.

  • Meat + Veggie sheet pan (sausage, chicken, shrimp and your favorite veggies roasted all together is an easy win)

  • Stirfry with coconut amino (most Asian food options can be made pretty clean with swapping soy sauce products with coconut aminos. I’ve been enjoying beef+broccoli+rice lately)

  • Quinoa bowls (quinoa, meat, veggies, usually is an easy go to)

  • Oatmeal bake (no eggs)

Grocery Store Grabs (I don’t have a Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Trader Joes close by, but they really make the journey much easier, so it may be worth the drive to stock up)

Out and About

  • Chick-Fil-A [Grilled Nuggets] + Fries

  • Burrito Bowls [Freebirds+Chipotle+etc]

  • Street Tacos (surprisingly these are usually clear if you get corn tortillas, meat, onion, cilantro, lime)

  • BBQ is usually a safe option if you keep it to mainly proteins.

  • ***At restaurants you do have to order speciality lots of times because so much is cooked in automatically cooked in butter.

Sweets (a lot of “alternatives use nut based products so be aware of that)

If you are on an “elimination diet of any kind, great grace! There are plenty of delicious, nutritious foods in the world, so be encouraged.

My hardest meal to figure out, by far, has been breakfast, so if you have any tips I’ll take them!

Tally Ho!


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I had to eliminate certain thing from my diet at the beginning of the year and I found some helpful recipes from

Our favorite was the baked oatmeal!

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