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I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw!

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

This week I had quite a “Whoa God!” moment. I know He’s precise and into the details but this was such a sweet personal moment. Backstory to the glory story :

One morning, when I was single, I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for home decor ideas. I found a print of a scripture that I loved. My first thought was “This would be such a sweet print in a nursery one day.” Before I finished the thought I heard another thought, this one not mine that said “You will have a little girl one day, and she will _______ (fill in the blank with sweet promises that I’ll treasure privately). I remember tearing up and saving the pin, and screen-shooting just to be safe.

I truly carried this in my heart and even though I didn’t have a timeline I knew what the Lord has promised.

Fast forward, after getting married and starting a family when we found out indeed we were having a little girl I pulled out this print and used it as the whole focus of the entire nursery. It’s so special to me that it’s actually over her crib. And many many “middle of the night” nursing sessions, in my exhaustion, I would look at this print and remember the faithfulness of God In His promise to give me a girl. When I felt fear slide in during sick days, or mama doubts, I’d be reminded of the soverignity of God through this print.

So what does this all have to do with this week? And what did I see that made my eyes pop and jaw drop?

When searching for an old picture I stumbled upon the screenshot of that special morning. In curiosity of how long it had been I looked at the date…. IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY! 6 years excatly on her birthday the Lord told me I’d have a little girl. Mix in the context of this scripture…and wow! I mean, people, He‘s good.

All of this to say, keep listening and keep writing down those moments. Write the date and hold onto the promise. He is faithful and He really is that good.

He Who Promised is Faithful,


***Don‘t forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on!

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This brought tears to my eyes!!!!!!!! This is simply incredible and the things I like to think of as God “having a sense of humor” 🤩

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