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I Was So Relieved

This week in prayer I heard the Lord say "Wisdom knows when to course correct".

I instantly knew the personal situation He was referring to, and instantly felt a great weight lift in knowing He was giving me permission to "change my mind". What a relief.

Whereas I'm not the Lord, and cannot give you peace or permission on life choices, I can encourage you that changing directions, if it's done in a pure heart toward the Lord, can be a good thing.

Course correct comes into play a lot in transportation. If a ship, or plane, gets off track even a slight degree it will drastically change the destination.

Many times we feel the need for big change, but it's also beneficial to tweak or reroute just a bit. A small change can result in a BIG difference in the long run. One phone call, one habit, one text can be the simple solution you've been praying for. Sometimes we just need the assurance from the Lord we can "go for it".

  • Perhaps you've spent a lot of time and money on a club sport for your kid, but it's just draining your family culture. You can stop for a semester.

  • Maybe you said you'd never go to college, but now you feel a tugging to take a class.

  • Perhaps you said you'd always educate your child one way, but in this season and location, other schooling options are better.

  • Maybe you've gotten sloppy with social media intake and you need to pull it back some.

  • Perhaps you simply need to stop doing something you've been doing just for the sake of doing it.

  • Maybe you've gotten a little excessive with your take out habits and need to cook a few meals this week.

Every season and situation is different, so truly only you and the Lord can have those conversations. But I found it such a good reminder, I wanted to pass on the wisdom that if you feel "off" in an area, you can change. Whether a "life choice" or just a train-of-thought going too far, you can stop and redirect right now.

Blessings To You,




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