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An Oliver Interview : Episode 01

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Tonight I bring you a VERY impromptu interview with my two year old. He had been awake for maybe 30 min and we were were having a picnic in the kitchen and somehow ended up talking about my blog and how Oliver should be a guest writer. With all things parenthood, you've got to seize the moment, so with our sleepy hair and zero prep we just went for it. ***So that's my action step for you. Film an interview with your kids this week. Even if just for you. No special outfit or scene, in a few years you'll savor the "normal" you've captured. Here we go : Name : Oliver Cirkles

Age : 2

What do you think about zoos? :

Zoo keepers have animals.

What's your favorite animal? :


What do you think Mama's and Daddy's should eat on dates :


What do you think little boys really want their mama's to do? :

Clean the kitchen

What do you think little boys really want their daddy's to do?


What do you think little boys really want their sister's to do?


What should people do if they have a hard time sleeping?

Lay down and be lowly(?) (*We realized after that he said lay down and be lonely because in a version of "10 in the bed" the last part has the chicken roll over and say "I'm lonely" and Oliver said, he was in the bed and lonely so he went to sleep. So we had a good convo about that.)

If someone is having a birthday what should you do to make them feel special?

Say happy birthday

If someone has lots of money what should they do?

Buy a tractor!

If someone has a big airplane where should they go?

A city with a garbage truck and street sweeper. ***Insert silly babble***

You are so loved!

Trust Jesus!

Have a good week!

Confession : (I made this as an acronym for our name and was was blessed when he took over. I didn't know he had it memorized as well as he did. Honestly one of the proudest mom moments yet. I know it’s a bit gibberish but I can tell it’s getting in him.) I am a...

Child of God

Important to the Kingdom

Recognize the voice of the Lord and the voice of the stranger I do not listen to

Kind to myself and others

Leader and a learner

Excited about the Word of God and things of God

Spirt-filled and Set-apart

More wisdom in the days to come. Submit your Oliver questions for next time ;) Praying peace into your week, Abby & Oliver ***Don't forget... the Cirkles are cheering you on.

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SO precious ♥️ Tyson giggled the entire time. He loves his buddy!

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