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It’s “Faith Extender” Time

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Last July when we were believing for a baby, I bought this blue maternity dress in faith that I would be pregnant again. I remember praying with this dress in my hands and pouring my heart out to Jesus about a desire in my heart that I believed was from Him. He heard me. Today I wore it with a full belly and a full heart.

(If you are believing for a baby, I have an instant download full of hope here for you. "Hope For Your Womb")

This dress was a "faith extender". Let me explain more as I encourage you to grip the promises of God in your heart and put something physical in your hands.

For a long time my dad has taught us about a practical practice he does to put action to his faith called "faith extenders". These typically are things He will purchase or do to remind himself of a promise God has given.

I too have put this to practice in various seasons and want to encourage you to remind yourself of the promises God has given you!

This may look like :

  • Buying a college shirt from a college you desire at attend before you get accepted.

  • Getting a passport in faith to go on a mission trip before you have one on the calendar.

  • Finding a keychain for a car you are believing for before you have a key to put on it.

  • Tucking away a baby onsie for a child you are asking the Lord for to pull out one day.

  • A new set of beautiful extra cups, ready for hosting a Bible study in your home before you have anyone set to come.

You get the idea. These are things to tell yourself and the Lord, I believe this is from You and so I'm going to act before I see it come to pass. And then each time you use or see that object you thank the Lord for preparing you and making a way like only He can. You keep placing that dream, desire, prophetic word in HIS hands and then marvel in His ways as it comes to pass.

This may seem foolish to some, but because faith is believing before you see, the way of faith many times seems just that...foolish. But in the eyes of God faith pleases Him. It's not foolish, it's a picture of trust.

Don't let discouragment set in! If God has spoken something, or even whispered it into your heart ever so slightly, don't let go. And if the Lord instructs you, go get some faith extenders. Just remember, all in all, the Promise Maker is more important than the promise itself. And He is with us always.

Praying For You,




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