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It’s Here! A Christ-Centered Christmas ✨🎄✨


Over the past month I have been working hard to create some resources that I pray will bless you!

First up … a CHRISTMAS GUIDE to help cultivate faith-focused celebration!

It’s created to be a simple start to spark years of meaningful moments with your family and you can get it immediately for $12 for the first three days! (Use code SALE)


This 20 page digital guide is great for any parent or grandparent that wants to learn new ways to celebrate Jesus during the holiday season.

With 8 sections, you will learn as a family how to:

  • Read

  • Play

  • Learn

  • Create

  • Feast

  • Act

  • Remember

These are REAL things I’ve used in my home and head for years. These are low maintenance- high impact tools!

With children we are tempted to want the elaborate to feel deep, but don’t negate the one scripture, one sentence, and one silly story to reach their hearts. ❤️

Designed with families in heart, A Christ-Centered Christmas” is also created in a way to be used as supplemental children’s ministry lessons. (3-10ys) If you need a December plan that’s easy for volunteers and yet meaningful for students this is for you!

  • A creative nativity narrative is a great creative element base. Read as a story or use an a theatrical script. 📖

  • 4 simple learning guides can easily be adapted to sermons or small group discussion pages. One for each Sunday in December. 🎄

  • 4 games to pick for various ages. (Wake the shepherd is a hilarious favorite.) 🎉

  • Traditions page that would be a wonderful family take home resource. ❤️

Thank you for supporting me in any way. A share, a purchase, or an encouragement goes a long way! I pray this resource adds Jesus conversations and rich faith memories for many years to come.

Gratefully Creating,



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