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Let's Talk About Men

It's fellow's week at! Why and what is that? Well I'm glad you asked. In all the culture chatter around this topic, I want to press the pause button, grab the microphone and remind us all that there are amazing men of God, fathers, sons, friends, bosses, pastors, leaders, and learners who are to be honored. If you have been hurt by a man, I am so sorry. I pray through The Word, worship, counseling, and time you will find healing and restoration. Some things can't be returned. I understand that. Some moments and years are full of pure evil. But even though there are some moments and years that can't be returned, I fully believe you can find restoration through the grace of Jesus. I pray that you don't loose hope in "men" because the truth is they are all not a lost cause. Godly guys still exist. They aren't perfect, (just as we are not), but there are some who are trying and growing and truly have hearts to walk in obedience with The Lord. For that, they deserve credit.

So if you are a man - Hi. welcome. I pray you are encouraged after reading this that you are HUGELY important, seen, loved, forgiven, and needed. You do realize, that your actions are sowing life and death into those around you, right? I pray any grimy-guilt of choices you've made of the past are put in the hands of Jesus and you choose this day, today, to walk in a deeper friendship with Jesus.(Send this blog link to a friend you want to reconnect with or want mentorship from). If you are a woman - May we honor our husbands, support our family and friends, and raise our sons with fresh conviction. Men matter.

I love this picture. I pray Oliver has a picture like this one day. Surrounded by men encouraging, strengthening, and standing through the many seasons of "manhood". I am praying right now, that Godly friendships amongst men are reconnected for Kingdom purposes.

I'm not going to pretend to know what it's like to be a man; I don't have the faintest idea of the pressures, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that make up "manhood". I know that even though women and wives are amazing, men needed Godly friends to help shape and cultivate them as they walk through life. I am grateful that through my dad, fathers, friends, and now Ryan I've seen that modeled from afar. I want to highlight 4 categories today of "Manhood" that I believe are important. (These are the four categories I’m using in raising Oliver.)


Courage to tell the truth. Courage to stand for righteousness. Courage to protect their family. Courage to say no to temptation. Holy men are courageous men. It takes courage to walk in humility and servant-hood. Walking "fearlessly" isn't about living an adrenaline-junkie lifestyle, it's about walking in love. Any coward can choose to protect and live for themselves. We need men who courageously love and lead their family the way of Christ. *** 1-10, 10 being the most. Are you walking a courageous life?

2. Compassion

In my opinion, true influence isn't in dominance, it's in compassion. We need men who walk in a strong love, who model forgiveness and love others from a place of fully being loved by God. ***1-10, 10 being the most. Are you living and leaving a life of compassion?

3. Conviction

Proverbs tells us that those who walk in integrity are a shield for those around them. Father's who walk in integrity protect their family. They are a safe place. They are honored with the blessing of God. Conviction says, "I'm going to do what's right, when it's right, just because it's right." ***1-10, 10 being the most. Are you modeling Godly conviction for yourself and your family?

4. Character of Christ

Jesus' character was marked by :

- Righteous Identity

- Meekness

- Power and authority

- Generosity

- Friendship

- Truth

And so forth and so on. Scripture (especially the Gospels) is manhood 101. What's inside is the true substance of a man. Muscles will fade, but the strength of having the Character of Christ, will carry GENERATIONS.

***1-10, 10 being the most. Does your character reflect Jesus'?

Young, in-love, and so very smitten.

While Ryan and I were dating I made this prayer list and began praying it over him. If you are a guy, you could pray similar things over yourself. If you are a spouse or mother, you could plug in the names of the men in your life and do a similar exercise. They need our prayer! And we need to constantly have the reminder to see them as God sees them so we may honor well. (This is not a script, but I thought it might be a good example)

25 Confessions Over Ryan:

  1. Ryan loves Jesus and hates sin.

  2. Ryan hears the voice of the Lord clearly.

  3. Ryan is a man of passion and purity in every area.

  4. Ryan sees people and situations through Jesus’ eyes.

  5. The Holy Spirit is in Ryan and is leading him in every area of his life.

  6. The Holy Spirit is working on behalf of Ryan, connecting him with the right people for kingdom purposes.

  7. Boldness is in Ryan’s spirit, mind, and actions.

  8. The Father’s heart is filling Ryan’s heart with identity, truth, and affirmation.

  9. Ryan’s heart is hungry and humble.

  10. Ryan is a paymaster for the kingdom of God, and he is receiving supernatural provision today.

  11. Peace is Ryan’s umpire, and He is making the calls of Ryan’s life.

  12. Supernatural authority is Ryan’s inheritance, and he walks confidently in what his Father has given him.

  13. Ryan is a man of faith, who trusts fully and obeys quickly.

  14. Ryan is a holy man because he is God’s man.

  15. Grace is escorting Ryan into the presence of God today.

  16. Ryan is fluent in the gift of prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, healing, faith, tongues, interpretation of tongues, and miracles.

  17. Ryan is alive and sensitive to the things of God.

  18. Ryan’s gifts are growing and shining, drawing sons and daughters to Jesus.

  19. God has given Ryan supernatural zeal for His Word, His Son, and His people.

  20. Joy is Ryan’s secret weapon, bringing victory to every situation.

  21. The thoughts of Ryan are being defined and sifted by the thoughts of Jesus.

  22. Ryan’s kingdom assignment is being made clearly known right now.

  23. Ryan evangelizes boldly, pastors lovingly, teaches clearly, prophesizes accurately, and sees apostolically.

  24. The fire of God is burning away what needs to be gone, and refining that which is true gold in Ryan’s life.

  25. Ryan is a builder of the kingdom of God, and every material He needs spiritually and naturally is paid for and provided by Jesus.

Here's a PDF version that have the word "My Husband" and "My Son" plugged in instead of Ryan.

Prayers For My Husband
Download PDF • 37KB
Prayers For My Son
Download PDF • 37KB

Speaking of my Ryan.... A special mushy segue segment to honor and celebrate my #1 guy, Ryan. Today is his birthday and I've never been so grateful for a life being born than his.

I want to publicly honor him right now. Yes, I could (and will) write this in a card, or tell him these things face to face while looking in his eyes. But public honor is deserved and Biblical. (And I want to model honoring to you so we can all grow in honoring the men in our lives! There is no formula, but I try to honor in 4 : identity, admiration, gratitude, prayer/prophesy).

Dearest Ryan,

Happy Birthday! You are son of God. You are a blessing to my life, our family, and those who know you. You are righteousness, you are pure, you are strong, and you are steadfast because the Spirit of God has empowered you. You are wildly talented and gifted. You are sovereignly anointed and chosen. You are unique and also a pattern worth multiplying for generations. You are a Papa through and through; you know and give the Father's Heart so well. You are deeply loved. You are a PHENOMENAL husband and father. Oliver, Eleanor, (and those to follow) are blessed beyond words to have a front row view of a man after God's heart. (I'm blessed to have a front row view because come on.... I've got the hunk of all history to behold.)

I admire your heart for God and His people. I admire your joy that offends any religious spirit within a 100 mile radius. I am constantly impressed by your impeccable steel-trap memory and your ability to befriends anyone and everyone. I admire your choices to inconvenience yourself to continue to show me that I am your priority. I look up to your ability to forgive quickly and love others with no strings attached.

I am grateful for your repentive heart, that chooses the priority of a clean heart over a flawless reputation. I thank Jesus for making you the funniest person I know to keep me laughing and enjoying life. I also don't take for granted how amazing it is that you have very high hygiene/cleaning standards. Thank you for taking care of yourself and our home. (Seriously people, he's cleaner than me.)

My prayer for you in this up coming year is for you to walk in a new confidence of your calling. I pray you wouldn't loose sight or footing from the abundant life you've been given. I speak WISDOM AND WEALTH into your year. I love you, Ryan David. Forever Your Bride and Best Friend, Abigail

And now that I'm all mushy and in-love even more I need to go find my birthday-guy. (And maybe some leftover cake.) MEN! You have what it takes to lead well! Lead with humility and honor will follow! Surround yourself with those who believe in you the way Jesus does. The next generation is watching and depending on your courage, compassion, conviction and character. -Abby

***Don't Forget... The Cirkles are Cheering you on


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