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Life Update: New Job!

I'm celebrating 8 years of learning, teaching, praying, creating, coordinating, leading and serving! What a joy it all has been! I'm ready for the next chapter and new role.

What does "obey" look like for you this season? For me, it looks like a deep breath, a lot of courage, and a big step. I officially resigned from my job and now my new job (#joy) is full time stay-at-home mom. (I add "stay-at-home" part because I believe every mom is a full time mom whether they bring an income into the home or not). This is a big step for many reasons :

  1. I loved my job! If God could create just about the perfect scenario for me, it would be the job I just completed. Loving children, teaching the Bible, stirring up hearts for radical obedience and Kingdom living, and cheering on the next generation. It makes no sense why I would walk away from it other than I know the Lord's voice and I know He asked me to take this faith step. I don't fully understand "why" but I so deeply am confident in the tugging and pulling of the Lord so for this season, to lay down my titles and assignments and income.

  2. Speaking of Income. Hello family of four on one income. Woo. A few nerves in my type A brain, but ZERO fear in my Spirit. It's a big step, but in our eyes me being able to be at home with our children is a priceless experience. We know that God will continue to bless us abundantly and provide for us in ways that only He can.

  3. I'm an achiever. Ha! But honestly, I thrive off of producing and achieving and creating and doing. This will be a fun turning of the Captain's Wheel for me, but I'm ready learn.

Our location isn't changing, Ryan and I deeply love and feel rooted to the ministry and community God has placed us in. However, now I've been given clearance to give 110% into my sweet Oliver, Eleanor and co. (not pregnant but we do hope to continue to grow our family). There are amazing people and teams taking hold of responsibilities I use to hold, and I'm expecting them to take everything I did higher and make it even better! In all reality, it is the kindness of the Lord giving me the desires of my heart. I've given millions of minutes to other people's children; I don't want to miss a minute of mine. *This also gives me the freedom to create more resources for the family community I feel so deeply drawn to.

And at the end of the day, I just want to obey fully. Obey the Word of God and voice of God and you have to do that for you and I have to do that for me. No one can obey for you. I pray in a few years, if my children stumble upon this blog they will feel the weight of this decision. I hope they understand the deep love of Father God and their parents in this choice.

I pray they would be able to say, "Jesus was all that mattered to Mama. More than fame or riches or treasures on earth, my Mom valued simple obedience and radical faith. She traded everything to train us for the Kingdom of God." because dears ones, that is indeed the truth.

Oliver and Eleanor (as of now) - Jesus loves you so deeply. He believes in you. He needs you. Your training is unique and I'm so honored to stand by your side and learn along with you. As for you reader, my goal is always to give you hope and encouragement from week to week. It feels selfish to say, but I would so appreciate any prayers during this new *New* for us. I welcome any promises or words the Lord gives you. I pray you continue to join us on this journey of faith. I also challenge you with this question, "What does obey look like for you in this season?"

I'm praying for deep courage for you to respond to the kindness of The Lord to lead you.

Small steps, big steps.

Uncertain steps, confident steps.

Trust friends. He is a Good Shepherd and Perfect Leader - He knows what He's doing.

There's no "hard step" when Jesus says, "Come with Me".

Let's obey together, Abby

Standing at the helm of this hall with a husband and two babies is unreal. From glory to glory friends. He sees your faithfulness and knows your heart's desires. Dream on.

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Congratulations on this new season! Cheering for your family and praying for you!

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