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Marriage Tip : Resize the Ring

Hello February!

I come to you (especially married friends) with a challenge. One that may seem odd, and only for a few, but could add a sparkle back into your marriage.

Set an appointment this month to get your engagement/wedding rings sized and shined up.

Rings are a symbol of covenant, a sign of unbroken bond. Do you remember when you FINALLY got that ring that you prayed for so long?! Oh I do. I couldn't stop staring. It felt so sacred. I was flooded with delight every time I looked at my hands.

And then, life happened, and pregnancies happened and I before I knew it, I went 2, almost 3, years of not wearing it at all. *In my defense, it was definitely a head down practical season. My simple wedding band still fit but my pearl engagement lived on a shelf.

Maybe you relate, I just kept going back and forth between not getting it resized because “I’m only pregnant a few more months” and then “I will loose the baby weight”.

But guess what? I finally just made the choice :

My ring is a priority because my marriage is a priority.

Three days and $45 dollars later I had my ring back on my hand and a sparkle of excitement in my heart. I felt like a newly wed! *My ring is not from Jared’s but they do resizing and my experience was wonderful.

So here is your encouragement! If it's been some time since your ring has been on your finger, make the appointment this month! It's a great month to put a new focus on your marriage!

In His Joy,


***Don't forget... the Cirkles are cheering you on!


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