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New York Getaway Recap

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Hello again! Summer 2022 is coming to a close and whereas there is so much to be grateful for, I would be remiss not to honestly reply that I am so happy to turn the page to August.

The Holy Spirit prompted me to take July off from the blogging calendar, and now looking back I see why. It was a doozy folks. Emotionally, physically, spiritually…all of it. But Jesus is KIND to be in every woozy-doozy moment of life. He helps prepare the before, find strength in the then, and gain faith for the future.

With travel points, vouchers, and amazing grandparents pulling together, we were able to enjoy 4 days, 3 nights in NYC. What a dream! This was such a gift from Jesus that Ryan and I deeply needed.

The goal was to be budget friendly and be together, so we didn’t hit all the “NY Things” but definitely enjoyed our time!

Here are some high points to bookmark what worked for us:

  1. Unlimited subway card. $33 each is an easy choice after thinking of how much money that saves from car services. Ryan consistently offered different transportation options, but I constantly told him, public transportation is one of my favorite parts of traveling. Public buses, subways, trams… It shakes my calm county-living girl to the core. I feel incredibly uncomfortable and I love that. I want to feel humanity. I want to walk in humility. Part of “seeing the world” is actually being in it. I understand this is totally a personal preference here, but for us it’s a wonderful way to save hundreds of dollars and also be around people you may not encounter otherwise. ***A Note : We ended up taking an Uber one night out of pro-caution because of the location and time it was in the evening. With everything, you have to be flexible.

2. Sunset Boat Tour. Hands down this was one of the most spectacular (and romantic) experiences to date for me. It was a splurge, $100 a person for 90 min, but it fell on Ryan’s birthday and was so worth it. You get the sunset, the boat, the charm, the views, and the memories. The sunset on our night was so spectacular and sacred. It felt like a much needed hug from heaven, for us both.

3. Central Park. Obviously everyone talks about it, but honestly there is something special about it.

4. "Best Coffee and Bagels". If it’s a tourist trap we usually run the other way. This however, was worth the hype. The name is actually "Best Coffee and Bagles". Holy moly I have no idea what they do to their ingredients but it was my favorite bite of the trip. (Ryan agrees with Sarge’s Pastrami closely rivaling)

Our list could go on and on, but we'll let a few pictures speak for themselves. We are thanking Jesus for this oasis-miracle-life-restoring getaway.

*** A very vulnerable PS note from my Mama heart: I'm doing this for future Abby to remember these feelings are real but His faithfulness even more real. Also, perhaps you are a mama that has a similar vein of thought.

Leaving my kiddos is painfully hard. I thought it would get easier, but it hasn’t.

We don’t do daycare, or schooling outside of the home. So other than a 90 min class at church every week, my children are with me 24/7. I adore that reality. It is a privilege, I understand. With that being said, saying “yes” to my husband wanting to whisk me away for 4 days was not the easy yes it probably should have been. I begggggged Ryan not to go. How sad is that?! It’s true though, I really pushed back on this trip. Not because I didn’t want a trip with my husband,(our marriage is strong and our love deep) but because leaving the kids is so much work emotionally and practically. And I was exhausted to the max, on every front. I gave every "reason" on why it would be irresponsible for us to go. And then... Jesus interrupted a morning time with “I’m trying to give you a gift” and I went to Ryan minutes later with a repentive heart for giving him so much push back when he was trying to give me beauty.

Due to the facts listen above, it is especially important for me to lean into these incredibly rare moments of alone time with my husband. It’s healthy for everyone. And guess what, everything was fine. My kids were fine. Beyond fine! They were treated like royalty and came back sky high with all the fun they had with grandparents and family. And Oliver and Eleanor’s friendship grew, just from those few days. Oliver proudly reported “I made Eleanor feel loved and safe, Mama. Even when she was sad I told her I was with her and so was Jesus.” ❤️

I understand everyone is different but I would say to other mamas in my situation, if the opportunity opens up take the outing at whatever level you can: date night, the overnight getaway, the week trip. For your husband, for you, for your family, for a step of faith. It can be a valuable gift from Jesus.

Faithful He Has Been, Faithful He Will Be,


***Don’t forget … The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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