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Oliver’s Business, A Favorite Breakfast Recipe, Jesus Our Provider & More! #CirklesCheckin #Summer22

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Hello Summer!

We love to use the switching of seasons to evaluate and celebrate the goodness of God! Here‘s a look into the things we are learning, loving, and looking forward to!


  • Learning : Jesus is the truth. Nothing new there, right? He’s been the truth from eternity past and His truth is settled forever. He was sure to let His doubters in John 8 know that He needs exactly zero people to back Him up. He bears witness of Himself and that’s enough. Let me declare to you, reader, that Jesus is the only truth. He does not need your approval, popular opinion, the backing of humanistic experts or for us to like what He has to say. He is the Chief Cornerstone AND a rock of offense to those who choose ignorance. If we are willing to humble ourselves we’ll experience a truth and a love that will astound. If not, we will find only a stumbling block. Either way, the roar of His truth is neither bowing nor changing.

  • Loving : Seeing Discovery Camp full of campers again. We have the honor to serve church groups and teach young people the Good News about Jesus at a summer camp. We’ve opened for the first time since 2019 and Jesus is setting generations free to live for Him!!! It’s a joy for our kids to join in as well. If you are a believer, never sell yourself short. You are Christ’s representative in the earth. Take every chance to tell stories of Jesus to the young ones in your life. If you don’t know Jesus, trust us that He’s pursuing you even now.

  • Looking Forward To: More camps, some family trips in August (including a Daddy trip with Eleanor), and Eleanor’s birthday celebration in early September. Oh yeah, and MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Bring on the presents and cheese.


  • Learning : In every season of life I discover Jesus in a new way. In this season I’m seeing Him as provider. He continually meets every need and I am continually grateful every time my fridge is full with food, morning time filled with His promises, and phone filled with prayer requests and praise reports.

  • Loving : This quiche recipe (I add sausage , spinach, and cheese) watching my children choose to show kindness to one another on their own, and hugging Ryan with pride after his long hard work days. He is amazing and I don’t take his calling lightly.

  • Looking Forward To: Celebrating Ryan’s July birthday, and Eleanor’s second birthday in early September. I am also currently prepping for homeschool preschool for Oliver and am SO excited!!!

Oliver (3.5years)

  • Learning : The art of business owning ;) Oliver started his own landscaping business. He came up with packages and prices and even had me make a flyer with him. (He was verrrrry opinionated about this process 😂)

  • Loving : Discovery Camp, all things tractor/farms, peanut butter energy bites, and giggling with Uncle Albert and Bert with “I Love To Laugh”.

  • Looking Forward To: Time with all his grandparents in August!

Eleanor (1.5years)

  • Learning: Eleanor is learning sentence structuring, the joy of having a brother as a buddy, and sharing Mama :)

  • Loving: Play doh, tea parties, Mega block, olives, and Emily on “Bible Adventure”. (Parent note : Bible Adventure playlist on Spotify is wonderful!)

  • Looking Forward To: Turning two!

We pray you savor this season of the year. We pray it’s filled with friendship with Jesus and miracles in every moment.

Your Friends,

Ryan, Abby, Oliver, and Eleanor

***Don‘t forget … The Cirkles are cheering you on!

***Editorial Note: I will be taking July 2022 off from blogging to reassess and refresh creatively for the fall. Each Sunday I will post on my social media accounts a previous popular blog that I believe will be great refresh resources for you!


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