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Oliver’s First Birthday Party

This week we hosted a birthday party in our home with a small group of our closest family and friends. The goal was a meaningful celebration that didn’t rob my sanity. I wanted to make it fun but also keep it simple.

We went with an “All Ollie” theme and had so much fun playing with bright birthday colors and a few homemade touches.

Balloon Garland was much easier than I thought it would be thanks a $6 garland tape I picked up at Party City.

The photo wall was wrapping paper I found at TJ Max for $2.

I jotted a quick "Year In Review Poster" that added some extra celebration.

The rest of the fun was my Oliver baby face garland. I printed 4x6 pictures at Walgreens. Then made black and white photo copies (4 to a page). Paired with some scrapbook paper party hats and crowns, they turned out so cute! (*I’ve already decided I’m saving it forever to be used each year on his birthday in our home. So for 18 year old Oliver’s birthday we’ll still see his sweet baby face.)

I ended up making more than needed which which resulted in me putting them up everywhere. It was my favorite part If the party. Oliver was everywhere!

The party was 11:30-1:30 to work around his nap schedule, so food seemed appropriate. I went with a simple menu

- Sliders (Deli Meat, Crockpot BBQ Pulled pork, and cheese burgers)

- Fruit

- Veggies

- Chips

- Soda

- Cupcakes

This menu required no utensils and made it easy for people to eat if they didn’t have a seat at the table.

I put out some toys for the other babies, a game of uno for guests who didn’t like kids (Get it, uno, first birthday), and a photo album Of Oliver’s first year for people to look through.

After an hour of eating and playing it was cake smash time. I got a $12 custom 6in cake from HEB. I honestly didn’t think he was going to have any interest but boy was I wrong. As you can see he had so much fun.

It did take a few min to clean up and do a wardrobe change. (Mom tip - Johnson and Johnson yellow original baby shampoo gets food dye stains off of skin. So stock up with some before a cake smash.) Gifts and a special viewing of Oliver's 1 year video was shared. (I used an app called one second, where you plug in one second for every day and it compiles an adorable video where you get to watch your child grow.) Then we got lots of cuddles and giggles from family and friends.

We ended with a prayer and each guests writing Oliver a scripture to be added to his one year photo book.

Babies were given a plush ball with a "Thanks for playing with me today!" note. And adults left with a bag of candy as a thank you for celebrating our "sweet boy."

Overall it was so much fun, without breaking the bank or causing too much stress. A simple home party is really all you need.

Cheers to celebrating the ones you love, Abby ***Don't Forget, The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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