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Our Daily Bible Storybook, Favorite Discipline Podcast, and Summer Vacation Plans. #Summer21CheckIn

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Hello and Happy Summer! Today is the official first day of Summer which means the turning of seasons beacons a Cirkles' Check In.

The summer camp our family loves and is heavily involved with is sadly taking another summer off, but other than that, what a breath of fresh air to dream of the days ahead in contrast of the previous year. So here's a peek into what we are loving and learning this season: Ryan

Something I'm Learning:

  • I'm learning that God the Father has this amazing ability to care as deeply about the progress of each of our hearts while carrying and caring for our Kingdom assignments. Yes, He wants the Body of Christ in the earth to continue to increase in every way, and for the movements He's set in motion to continue, but he is just as interested in being sure that we are growing, learning and healthy. He's building His Kingdom, but doesn't miss a moment in building us. Don't ever forget that He doesn't have to allow us to be a part of what He's doing. He does it because He's forming us along the way.

Something I'm Proud Of:

  • I'm glad that I've made the decision to stop allowing road blocks or excuses to keep me from going for the things I value in my work, home and personal walk. Holy Spirit encouraged me to start establishing values, then reverse engineering my time and efforts to get there. It isn't easy, nor is it my natural method, but I know He's teaching me.

Something I'm Loving:

  • I'm loving my beautiful wife and watching as she continues to work at personal growth (could she get any better?). Saturday cartoons and donuts with Oliver is the best tradition ever. Nora and I spend a lot of time giggling these days, and it's just the best. I'm loving learning to ask my man friends real questions to grow us both. My Dr. Squatch shampoo and conditioner has been quite nice, as well. Loving the smell of my own head is not something I thought I needed, but I'm grateful.

Something I'm Looking Forward To:

  • I've got an amazing stretch coming up. July birthday, August family vacation, and in September, I get to teach and train Texas Bible Institute students in what it means to follow Jesus! Bring on the new class of legends. If you know anyone who wants more Bible teaching, send them our way!


Something I'm Learning :

  • I am learning SO much about Holy Spirit. Who He is, and what He does. I am so grateful for His friendship and help. I'm reading "Don't Miss Out" by Jeannie Cunnion (not done) and it's really well written!

Something I'm proud of:

  • I am so proud to be 9 months in to exclusive breastfeeding. We've had to walk through some health hurdles that's led me going fully dairy and soy free the past 4 months and it's been pretty tricky for me.

Something I'm loving:

  • I've been doing a lot of studying on discipline : In a Biblical way. Highly recommend this podcast episode. It's more the "why" not the "what", but so aligning with my views on discipline.

Something I'm looking forward to:

  • I'm looking forward to Eleanor's professional portraits next month, Ryan’s birthday, weekly prayer in our home with friends, and our summer trip to Chicago! (This will be my 7th trip to Chicago... it's one of my favorite cities)

Oliver (2.5 Years)

  • Oliver's vocab and imagination is next level. We hold full conversations, and pretend play nonstop.

  • He went to his first baseball game (more on that linked here).

  • He is very into David and Goliath right now, although we daily have theatrical performances as we act out our Bible story daily. We love this Bible story book. Sorry to disappoint... it's out of print, but you can find it in lots of thrift stores and online used books. It gives a small portion every day (dates included) and goes through the Bible in chronological order. I personally like that the art is more historical than cartoon, however I wish the coloring was more ethnically diverse. (I personally also LOVE this one and this one. )

Eleanor (9 months)

  • Eleanor's personality has exploded, and in the silliest of ways.

  • She has become quite the friendly chatter box and waves with a combination of "Hi" "Mama" "Dada" "Buba" "Ya".

  • She is sitting and so close to a crawl

  • She adores Oliver but really has become quite the Daddy's girl (smart gal).

We deeply desire to make each season count. To plant seeds in our hearts, home, and communities now that will be fruitful in seasons to come. May all we do be done in love for Jesus Christ!

Sunny Days Ahead! The Cirkles

* Don’t forget… The Cirkles are cheering you on!


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