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Our New Car, Oliver's BIG Big Boy Moment, and Eleanor's Newest Interests #CirklesCheckIn #Winter20

Raise your hand if Fall 2020 was the fastest season of the year. (Abby raising both of her hands). Just me? The newborn blur definitely created a time warp in our world. Here's a sneak peak into our past 3 months as well as what we are excited about for 2021. Ryan [Answers Typed Out By Ryan]

Matching buddies looking sharp at church.

Things I'm Learning

  • The authority we have in Jesus means that there's nothing that comes which I have to avoid or escape. Be instant in prayer (Romans 12:12).

  • I may have to learn to reflect and review. It seems that, despite my best efforts, there are patterns which often come up because I forgot to follow through the last time.

  • That my son is a phenomenal business owner. His imaginary lawn care company acquires new machinery daily, including tractors, lawn mowers (riding and push), weed eaters (trimmers if you're fancy) and blowers. He gets more effort out of his employees (Abby and I) than any manager I've ever seen, working us all day and night. Lastly, he's proven to be a miserly leader, as neither his mother nor I have seen one red cent for our labor.

Things I'm Loving

  • The simplicity of the Gospel. Jesus' commands, Commission, and empowering Holy Spirit. That will always be enough.

  • Our new family vehicle, "Greta." We found a great deal on a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SE w/tech, and we officially have our parent vehicle.

  • The Texas Bible Institute class of 2020. We can forget what a blessing it is to have the truth of the Word of God, let alone the privilege that it is to have anyone care to listen to us teach it. It has been my honor to learn with you all.

3 week old Eleanor here giving us some sleeping smiles.

Things I'm Listening/Watching/Reading

  • I NEED to be reading The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence for a book club with some awesome friends from the aforementioned class of 2020. .

  • I'm listening to Vince Guaraldi Trio and to my friend Jonathan Heath Beam's new album with some more of my friends! Christmas music is where it's at, people.

  • I'm reading Isaiah and am daily more grateful that God came for us! Emmanuel. Oh, Jesus has changed everything.

Anniversary Date! - We celebrated 4 years December 16.

Things I'm Looking Forward To

  • Leading myself well in 2021 and enjoying more fruit because of it. Investing in more of what matters. Effective, fruitful work, intentional time with friends and family, more giving, more giving, and more giving! Let's do life all the way, friends.

  • Being absolutely wrapped up in my family as we continue to grow together. Ollie is turning 2, Eleanor is starting to make us laugh daily, and my wife just continues to grow in more beautiful in every way. I'm in for a good season.

  • Disney 2021...we shorten our trips to that because it has just become a normal part of our schedule in this house. It's coming! Oh, you guys, the fun we'll have and the pictures you'll see.

We were so happy to host a small group in our home for Thanksgiving.


Things I'm Learning

- A nightly reset makes your day so much smoother.

- The power of daily bread. This season has delivered a very inconsistent "Jesus Time" for me. But I've seen nourishment to my soul and spirit by asking Jesus for a "Today Encourgment". Sometimes a song will bubble to my mind, sometimes a verse will pop out, and other times He'll drop one litteral word, such as "Abide".

Things I'm Loving

- Sonic "Mom Dates" with Marissa. We put the kids to sleep and then head to sonic at 8pm for a milkshake. It's been such a fun, much needed, treat.

- My Revlon One Step Blow Drying Brush

- Eleanor's super smiles and the way Oliver says "Nutcracker".

Things I'm Listening/Watching/Reading

- Sally Clarkson (sorry to be a broken record but her podcasts are everything in this season to me)

- Reading a lot of "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie", "Eating the Alphabet" and "Corduroy"... and I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

- "Get Ready" by Mavrick City Music

Things I'm Looking Forward To

- Celebrating Oliver's 2nd birthday.

- Planning for 2021. I LOVE the clean slate start and find great fulfillment in starting the year with a newly scribed planner and blank journal to goal set and dream.

- This blog! So much content I have in my heart to share in the days ahead.

This has been the past 3 months of my life. SO GRATEFUL for my Solly Baby Wrap!

These giggle buddies LOVE each other so much.

Oliver [23 Months]

  • Upgraded to "Big Boy Blanket" and officially said goodbye to pacifier and sleep sack.

  • Vocab BOOM. Wowza. Oliver is talking nonstop and with 2 and 3 word sentences.

  • As Ryan alluded to, Oliver's imagination has really taken off. We spend all day cooking and eating imaginary food, driving imaginary tractors and trains, and mowing every inch of our home.

  • Just like everyone in the world, Oliver has really been missing his buddies. We have been so happy to slowly and safely see family and friends here and there.

Bye bye pacifier (a very very beloved Pa Pa)!

We are very into all things art. If you'd like an "Oliver Original", he's be happy to create something for you :)

Such a highlight to spend some time with Cousin Benjamin!

The "Ollie-est" Christmas PJS there ever were.

Eleanor [3 Months]

  • If you remember, the Lord gave us multiple Words about Eleanor being a bright shining light. We are starting to see it with this SMILEY little burst of joy. She is definitely our little ray of sunshine.

  • She's healthy on all of her growth curves, latching and eating like a champ, and sleeping so very well. We are so very grateful!

  • We recently discovered our hands and are grabbing at everything! She definitely is a little learner and it's so fun to watch her study her ever-growing world around her.

Can a smile get any bigger?!

First Sunday at church!

We pray your holiday season and winter beginning is full of peace and joy. Merry (early) Christmas, Abby *Don't Forget... the Cirkles are Cheering you on!

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Your children are so beautiful! I love the pictures! You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed leaning from you from online TBI. I learned so much and really absorbed it and using it and sharing it with others that need it. Merry Christmas by the way! I love reading these new blogs as well as the past ones. And I’m planning on joining you all for the spring leadership program. Ms. Rachel actually emailed me hoping I sign up for it. I’m so excited. I started the application but haven’t finished it yet. You have such a beautiful family. Thank fir sharing your lives with us.

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