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Overwhelmed in Motherhood? Try This.

Forever grateful for a mother that showed me you can love the Lord, love your husband, love your children, work hard, and enjoy life. A mentor in motherhood is a God designed way that makes a world of a difference.

Sweet Mama, Has anyone told you today that you're doing an amazing job? My guess is no and that's my point. You Dear Mama cheer everyone else on.

You wipe tears.

You cook food.

You wash clothes.

You exclaim "Wow!"

You clean rooms.

You cultivate joy.

You educate minds.

You model faith.

You care and carry so much. So who, Dear One, is caring and carrying you?

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

You are not alone. The Lord is with You. He sees all and knows all. I hope this brings a weight off of your shoulders. I pray you feel a wind of empowerment reading that truth and promise above. There is so much to unpack in this scripture. But I want to hone in on "I will help you" The Lord provides help in so many ways. He has given us A Helper, Holy Spirit who is with us always. A personal tutor that continues to help us learn the way to do things Jesus' way. He also provides people in our path to come aside and help. And this my friends, is my big "talk" of the blog. If you are overwhelmed (at any level) I want to HIGHLY recommend getting a "Motherhood Mentor". There are older women who have done "this" who want to come alongside you in support. ("this" being...who learned the tricks of breastfeeding, survived potty training, graciously cared for a teenage heartbreak, transitioned a child to college, etc). We need to let these women in life seasons ahead of us cheer us on and be a confidant in wisdom. Here's what I think may be happening. The "Seasoned Mamas" don't want to impose and are waiting for an invitation. (And yet they would happily pour YEARS of experience and Biblical wisdom into the younger ones) The "New Mamas" live in information overload territory where google, instagram and courses answer all their questions so they don't "need" to go outside of their screen. But here's the bottom line.... A screen can inform a mind (I'm all for that!) but a screen can not nourish a soul and we, young mamas, need soul nourishing. You need to have someone look into your EYES and ask "How are you? What are you carrying? What questions do you have? How can I pray for you?"

So here's my proposition:

Right now:

1. Make a list of 3 women who you admire their "motherhood journey".

(I'm all about having digital mentors. I have a list of mom's I admire online. I read all their books and learn form their social stories, but this is about real life, sit down, listen to you cry, ask real time questions type of ladies. A family member, church friend, work associate, etc.)

2. If you don't have their number. Get their number this week. A great start for all three

Perhaps you know them from church. It's as simple as "Hi, I really need some motherhood questions answered. Do you mind if I have your number."

3. Out of the three, pick one. Text them and ask to meet up this month.

This doesn't haven't to be a life long mentorship. It may turn into that, but this can be ONE time. Your house, their house, coffee shop, park, early morning, or after bedtime... whatever works.

4. Come to your meet up with 3 (or more) questions. It may even help them if you send the questions early so they have time to think about them. Or think of resources to recommend. "How do I get my picky eater to eat?" "What do I do with this attitude issues?" "I've been walking through _____, I need prayer and accountability."

5. Let the wisdom and grace pour over you.

Seasoned Mamas in my circle has been oxygen to my motherhood journey. I believe it'll help you too.

Motherhood isn't anything new. Thousands of generations and years have trekked the track many of us are on. I truly believe if you reach out for help, you'll see a shift in your stress. You'll get wisdom and grace and encouragement! So if you are a "Seasoned Mama" we need you. Your mothering days aren't over. You are now a mother of mothers and the nurturing you provide is the nourishment we need. If you are a "New Mama" please reach out. You are strong, but you'll be stronger with a support team, just how God created it to be. Cheering you On, (oh so deeply and enthusiastically!)

Abby ***Don't forget... The Cirkles are cheering you on.


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