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PREGNANT! A Miracle Girl On The Way!

Her first dress to celebrate more poofy dresses and bows in our lives!

If you missed the social media hoopla, it is with GREAT joy to inform you we are pregnant! What a joy! Miracle baby girl will be arriving early November. 💕

At the time of this writing, I am 19 weeks pregnant, so just about halfway and each day has been saturated with miracle stories and His goodness. We are so grateful to add another life to our lives, and have been dreaming of the beauty God is hand weaving and picking specifically for our family. Truly we need her, and we all have a Holy knowing of that reality. She is a timely strategic gift and will be a blessing to many to come.

"Yes and Amen"

This is a huge answered prayer and has been quite a journey of trust. Back in December I was quite discouraged and disappointment after a long year of trying and grieving loss.

I remember telling the Lord, "I'm not demanding a child, because You don't owe me one. But I am asking for a word. I need Your Truth to resurrect my heart." Instantly, in my prayer time I got a prayer picture of me holding a positive pregnancy test worshipping with my hands up. When it zoomed in the two pink lines we're actually the words "yes" and "amen". I knew what that meant. A child was promised. "All of His promises are yes and amen " (2 Cor 1:20) This scripture gave me an anchor of hope. If He promised this to me, it was settled. The timing may not be instant, but the child WOULD be given.

Fast forward lots of contending, believing and praying.... those two pink lines became a reality. Glory to God!!! He is faithful! I was instantly given two more scriptures to stand on, two that I daily confess to this day over my pregnancy.

I include those and more on this journey in my guide "Hope For Your Womb."

The most beautiful picture of His goodness! Thank you Jesus for being trust worthy.

Signs, Wonders, and Symptoms

First trimester was pretty tough on my standards, and yet I was still so blessed to be able to take care of two energetic kiddos. Thankfully I still can keep my "never have I thrown up while pregnant" streak, but it was far from an enjoyable stretch physically speaking. Definitely my most nauseating pregnancy, with appetite in the negatives. Getting anything down was quite a hard task, but I was so grateful to be miserable. Ha! What an answered prayer! I actually feel the intense nausea was a gift of reassurance from the Lord. It was a tangible sign that hormones were strong and swelling.

The only thing I seemed to want was Ramen. I wouldn't call it a "craving" but it was the only thing on the planet that I seemed to be okay with. Specifically the fancy "Wonton Chicken" from Jinya (that's over an hour away from us). Big thanks to Ryan for keeping me stocked with to-go options. Perhaps we have an international gal on our hands 😉.

The exhaustion was quite high too, and I truly don't know how I would have gotten through those few weeks without the help of my mom. (Thank you Mama!)

Thankfully, like clockwork, at the turn of week 12 my symptoms lifted tremendously. Almost overnight. Second trimester glory has been just that...glorious. Appetite is back as much as it can be, my energy is better and both baby girl and I am tracking perfectly. All glory to God! This is His doing and I marvel in His ways.

Right at 12 weeks I popped! Quite a lot! I don’t think i was this big until my third trimester with the others but I hear that’s normal with multiple pregnancies. The yellow paper on the wall are my two scriptures I’ve been standing on.

We told the kids before anyone else, at 8 weeks and it was so special. Oliver cried with giggles of joy and Eleanor started talking to my belly immediately. They are SO excited and it's been tricky explaining to them we have quite a ways to go.

It's been a very special few weeks of soaking in this miracle, telling family and friends face-to-face and giving myself grace in lots of areas.

We shared the gender with the kids first. Eleanor was very sad about her spilled sprinkles but she truly is very excited about a sister.

We would love prayers in these specific areas:

  1. Perfect Health for my body and baby's development.

  2. Provision in all areas as we expand our lives to a family of 5.

  3. Wisdom on her name. We have a list but are leaning into His heart for this Beauty. Names (and meanings) are so powerful.

The JOY in our home around this child is huge! We are rejoicing for this beauty from ashes season we are in.

If you'd like to celebrate this miracle baby with us through gifts, I've linked our registry here.

He Who Promises Is Faithful,




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